Mountain Lake Park Playground Improvement Project

Mountain Lake Park Playground Site Plan


The objective of the project is to provide a clean, safe and accessible playground for pre-school and school age children, and the project scope will include removal of deteriorated play equipment and installation of new equipment, reconfiguration of paths and stairs to increase accessibility, and associated site work.

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Located in the Inner Richmond District, Mountain Lake Park is a 15.2-acre park situated on a band of land bordered by the Presidio to the north and Lake Street to the south. The playground sits at the end of 12th Avenue, north of Lake Street, and is bounded by the lake to the north. The renovation of the playground at Mountain Lake Park is a project funded by the 2012 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond in partnership with the Friends of Mountain Lake Park Playground.

Mountain Lake Park Playground is Nearing Completion!

I am happy to inform all our constituents that we are entering the final phase of the project. With the rain subsiding, great progress have been made in the past few weeks. Concrete installation of the pathways is substantially complete; Irrigation and planting is underway this week; Safety surfacing installation … Continue reading

Mountain Lake Park Playground Project Update

We continue to make progress at the playground, and are nearing completion. Due to the heavy rains we have experienced over the last 2 months, our anticipated completion is set for late spring 2017. Remaining work includes, concrete & Flatwork, installation of rubber safety surfacing, landscaping, and installation of playground finishes. … Continue reading

Mountain Lake Park Playground Construction Update 1/23/2017

The Mountain Lake Playground Renovation is now approximately 85% complete. The final concrete walls at the summit area were poured earlier this week, leaving just the sidewalk up to the slide and the concrete overlook platform as our remaining concrete work. We have also started installation of the decking surface … Continue reading

Mountain Lake Park Playground Construction Update 12/1/2016

We continue to make good progress on the Mountain Lake Playground Renovation, which is now approximately 75% complete. Completed work includes sloped concrete slabs in play areas, approximately half of the concrete flat work, stairs, installation of the steel “trees” at the overlook, the majority of low landscaped walls, irrigation … Continue reading

Mountain Lake Park Playground Construction Update!

Construction commenced on the Project in September  2015, the project is approximately 65% complete. We continue to make good progress on the Mountain Lake Playground Renovation. Completed work includes the majority of low landscaped walls, irrigation and drainage infrastructure, rough installation of toddler playground equipment, and foundation work related to … Continue reading

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Project FAQs

• School Age Play Area:  A new play area with play equipment designed for school age children will be constructed. Play features will include a climbing structure featuring nets, swings, jumping discs, climbing forest of natural logs and ropes, and see-saws. The existing concrete slide would be retained, and new ADA accessible path to the top will be provided.
• Toddler Play Area: A new play area with equipment designed for pre-school age children will be constructed. Play features will include swings, see-saw, slide and an assortment of small climbing, swinging and spring elements.
• Play surface: All areas falling within a designated play equipment fall zone will be fitted with high-performance poured-in-place safety surfacing.
• Circulation: The multi-level playground will be linked with a landscaped terrace of switch back ramps, stairs and bridges to provide unique play experience for both children of all abilities. Interactive pieces such as kaleidoscopes and megaphones will be located along the various routes between play elements.
• Landscape and Irrigation System: 3 existing tress will be removed. New irrigated plantings and trees will be used to edge the play area, and planted zones will be incorporated into the playground area where appropriate.
• Site Furnishings and Pathways: A new AC pathway will provide improved circulation through the playground, cast-in-place concrete seat-walls will encircle each play zone to provide seating for parents as well as provide retaining of adjacent hillsides. New wood benches and picnic tables will be provided to create pockets to socialize, view the children at play, or take in the natural lake vista. Composite decking and interlocking permeable pavers will be used to provide visual interest and texture to the design.