Minnie & Lovie Ward Rec Center Field Renovation

Multi-Use Field


The fields at Minnie Lovie Recreation Center are in poor condition. They suffer from an antiquated irrigation system, garbage dumping, busy gophers, and insufficient gardening staff. The current field layout is rectangular in shape and hosts numerous ball and ground sport athletics. The approximate area of the the field is 267,000 square feet. There is a varsity baseball diamond located in the southeast corner, a softball/ little league size diamond in the south west corner while soccer and other ground sports athletics are played between the two. These fields are currently enclosed on three sides by rusting chain link fence varying in height from 10′ to 20′. The northern edge of the field is bound by retaining walls. Each baseball field is comprised by a backstop, players benches and spectator bleachers. Just south of the fields is a sloped landscape area which has an approximate 10’ grade change between the field and the perimeter sidewalk.


  • Replace rusting fences to east, west, and south with new black vinyl fencing
  • Replace bleacher seating behind baseball/ softball diamonds
  • Remove cargo container at the western park entrance
  • Modify the existing retaining wall in north-east field corner to help retain hillside soil
  • Install new drinking fountains, benches, bike racks, trash, and recycling cans
  • Upgrade the irrigation and planting at primary entries and along the southern hillside
  • Refurbish the perimeter pedestrian walkway around the field
  • Improve any infrastructure to comply with ADA requirements


  • Grade field and replace the natural grass playing field with a synthetic turf field
  • Installation of new storm drainage infrastructure below the synthetic turf
  • Install 12 field lights for evening play. 2 @ 60′, 4 @ 70′ and 6 @ 80′
  • Maintain the two ball diamonds in their current configuration. The both infields will utilize synthetic turf with the exception of the verify field which will have a clay pitchers mound
  • Line ground sport fields for soccer, men’s and womnen’s lacrosse, rugby, volleyball and football yard markers
  • Replace rusted baseball / softball backstops and baseball dugout areas
  • Install new perimeter fencing around three sides of the field at an average height of 16′


The proposed renovations will more than double the amount of play on the field. Currently Minnie Lovie can host 1796 hours of annual play on the soccer field or 3,580 hours on the baseball/softball diamonds. The renovation will increase those hours to 5,365 hours of ground sports play, or 3,570 hours of new baseball/sofball play.

Thanks for joining us for the Minnie Lovie Ward Fields Opening!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience during this athletic field renovation project. We have now completed this project and the field is open for recreational play. Hope you enjoy this newly renovated park facility. GET OUT AND PLAY! Thank you, Dan

Celebrate the New Athletic Field at Minnie & Lovie Ward

The Minnie & Lovie Recreation Center Athletic Field is reopening on Sunday, September 14, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (official Ceremony at noon). This multi-purpose athletic field will host a variety … Continue reading

Minnie Lovie Fields are in the last stages of completion!

Hello Minnie & Lovie Park Advocates- Over the next ten days, the contractor will be moving forward with the installation of the fields’ sub-base drainage rock. This rock layer is installed to provide optimal drainage functions for the field. The attached photo shows the beginning phase of this process.   … Continue reading

Field Renovation Project Moving Forward, as Planned

Hello Park Advocates- The athletic field project is still moving forward as planned. The various contractors are aggressively completing their various work tasks. If you swing by the site you will see the concrete contractors completing their final work on the southern retaining walls as well as the installation of … Continue reading

Minnie Lovie Fields Getting Closer

(Photo: hundreds of yards of crushed drain rock being moved across the project site) If you haven’t been by the site recently, the contractor has started working on the underground drainage system. The field will have a new, elaborate drainage system which will allow that field to be played on … Continue reading

Minnie Lovie Fields Renovation Update

The contractor is taking advantage of our dry winter and continuing to work on the retaining walls on the north side of the project. Once this wall is in place, they plan to move to the project corners to start construction on the new concrete stairways which will lead to … Continue reading

Minnie Lovie Fields – Grading has begun!

Hello Park Advocates. As you can see from the photo, our contractor is aggressively moving forward with the rough grading operations on the fields. The project includes regrading the site so that we reduce the cross slope grades which will improve the fields overall playing condition. The next phase of … Continue reading

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Get ready to go out and play, San Francisco! Through the Park Playfield Repair and Reconstruction Program initiative, part of our 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhoods Park Bond, we are working with the City Playfields Foundation to provide $8.5 million worth of renovations and improvements to 10 lucky fields across the City.

Over the years, a chronic shortage of quality athletic fields has made it difficult for sports-loving locals to enjoy their favorite pastimes. Through our program, we will provide fields across the City with new synthetic turf and lights. We are also working to increase capacity so that players can get more use out of our existing fields.