Golden Gate Park – Middle Lake Rehabilitation Project


Middle Lake is a freshwater lake located within Golden Gate Park and is bounded by John F. Kennedy Drive to the north, Chain of Lakes Drive to the west, and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the south. The Lake and surrounding vegetation and trails comprise approximately 14-acres. Middle lake is one in a series of three lakes called the Chain of Lakes, which flow from south to north from South Lake to Middle Lake to North Lake. The primary source of water inflow to Middle Lake is South Lake, which is located 500 feet to the south. Middle Lake also receives water from rainfall and surface runoff. Before construction of Golden Gate Park, this area was originally sand dunes with several seasonal ponds. In 1898 the Chain of Lakes were designed to sit on top of the sand dunes with a clay liner to hold water. Over time the clay liners developed leaks and the water levels were maintained by pumping water from the local aquifer. There have been improvements made to the lake over the years but a major overhaul of this facility is now required.


The rehabilitation project for Middle Lake will include replacing the clay liner lake bottom and increasing the water depth, clearing the pipes connecting Middle Lake to South and North Lakes, and rehabilitating the rock cascade from the Fly Casting Pools. In addition, the project includes removing invasive vegetation from within and around the lake and replacing it with appropriate landscape species, and improving the pathways to increase visibility and accessibility to the lake area for park users.


2012 Park Bond (City Wide Fund)
General Fund


Planning: Spring 2019
Design: Fall 2019 thru Spring 2020
Construction: Fall 2020

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