McLaren Park Trails Improvement Project

McLaren Park Natural Areas

Scope of Work

The improvements proposed by the McLaren Park Vision Plan build on the existing trail network, including Philosopher’s Way. The framework includes multi-use loops in both the north and south half of the park and a thoughtful system of trails interior to the park that invite more adventurous visitors, on both foot and bicycle, into the wild core. RPD has identified four priority project areas with improvements to be completed with 2012 Bond funding due to the combination of their potential impact and the need to have a licensed contractor complete the more technical aspects in these areas. The Vision Plan outlines other improvements to be made as part of a future phase when other funding is identified.

The creation or restoration of natural features, such as lakes, meadows and landscapes and the creation or restoration of habitat for the park’s many species of plants and animals are included in this project scope. This work will be planned, designed and constructed in conjunction with the trail improvements. Trail and restoration work is completed together because many trails pass through or are nearby significant natural resource areas. When visitors are walking, running or biking on trails they can enjoy being near the healthy natural landscapes and habitats. This also helps guide the understanding of where sensitive habitats are in the park and provides the opportunity for education and stewardship.


The McLaren Trail Connector Project, which was funded by a federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant, was completed in 2014. This project included improvements to 3 trail entryways in McLaren Park: Campbell Ave, Visitacion Ave Fire Road, and Persia just east of the picnic area.


  •  $2 million from 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Citywide Trails Program
  • $1.5 million from 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond for John McLaren Park: for natural features work
  • $250,000 from an Outdoor Environmental Education Grant through the California Natural Resources Agency Department of Parks and Recreation

Trail Walk #1 – Visitacion Avenue Corridor

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday 11/16/19 for our 1st Trail Walk in the concept design process! This was the first of several opportunities for the McLaren Park community to provide input into trail design in the four priority areas identified in the 2017 Vision Plan. On the … Continue reading

McLaren Park Trails and Paths Project – Site Walk

We are all set to have a site walk to discuss the trails and paths portion of the McLaren Park Project. The first site walk will be of the Visitacion Avenue trail. Meet Saturday 11/16/2019 at 9:30am at the McLaren Community Garden on Visitacion Ave. For more information contact: … Continue reading

Habitat Conservation Fund Grant Sought for McLaren Park Trail Improvements at Visitacion Ave

The McLaren Park Trails Improvement Project team has applied for another grant in an effort to leverage already committed 2012 Bond funding. Staff will present this grant opportunity to the Recreation and Park Commission Capital Committee on Wednesday, November 7. Click here for hearing agenda and time and location details. The … Continue reading

State Outdoor Environmental Education Grant Awarded to Rec and Park for McLaren Park Trail Improvements

We are happy to report that Rec and Park has been awarded an Outdoor Environmental Education Grant for $250,000 from the California Natural Resources Agency Department of Parks and Recreation to help fund trail improvements in McLaren Park.  This funding will supplement the 2012 Bond funding that we have committed for … Continue reading

McLaren Park Trail Improvements Project Next Steps

Thank you to all who participated in the McLaren Park vision planning process.  You can find the final Vision Plan report by clicking here. 4 priority project areas and best management practices were developed as part of the Vision Plan, which was approved by the Rec and Park Commission in … Continue reading

McLaren Park Vision Plan – Final Report

We are excited to share with you the final Vision Planning Process Report. Click here to view the report and click here for the Appendix. Watch this space for upcoming continued planning meetings for the Trails + Paths, Courts, and Amphitheater portion of the project. We look forward to speaking … Continue reading

More Information for McLaren Park Project Trails + Paths Focus Area

The McLaren Park Project team has taken time to compile information related to the Trails + Paths Focus Area in response to community questions. Please click here for fact sheet. If you have follow-up questions, please contact Project Manager Melinda Stockmann at

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