East Marina Yacht Harbor Renovation Project

Marina Yacht Harbor

he San Francisco Marina is composed of two harbors, known as East Harbor (Gashouse Cove) and West Harbor. The East Harbor consists of 342 boat slips, the City Yachts sales and fuel concession, and parkland, which includes a restroom and two parking lots.

The Marina Green, a part of the marina and a major city park, is situated between the East and West Harbors.

The San Francisco Marina facilities have existed in their present configuration since 1963. The floating docks and gangways are made of timber and have degraded over time. The on-dock utilities have degraded as well as become obsolete.


The San Francisco Marina Renovation Project includes waterside improvements over the entire 39-acre waterside portion of the marina and on 12 of the total 19 landslide acres. Phase I of the project, renovation of the West Harbor, is complete and open.  Phase 2 of the project, renovation of the East Harbor, is in progress.

East Marina renovations shall include:
– Replacement and reconfiguration of the floating docks and slips;
– Repairs to the existing sheet-pile breakwater;
– Reconstruction of portions of the degraded riprap slopes around the interior shorelines;
– Maintenance dredging;
– Landscaping, site and public access improvements; and
– One new wave attenuation structure (contingent upon funding).

sf marina east harbor renovation

Environmental Impact Report, San Francisco Marina Renovation Program (January 2007)
SF MYH Renovation Conceptual Plan
NEW!  REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Design Services for the San Francisco Marina East Harbor Renovation (July 2015)
Addendum No. 1: Revised Appendix C (07/31/2015)
Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In Sheet (08/05/2015)
Addendum No. 2 Revisions to Section 12 (08/05/2015)
Staff Report 8/5/2015
Addendum No 3: Revisions to Section 7 (08/17/2015)



Winter – Spring 2015 Site investigation, including sediment sampling and analysis will be performed.
Summer 2015 Consulting engineers selected for East Harbor Renovation project will be hired.
Fall  2015 Development of project plans, and specifications, including harbor plans, coastal engineering, environmental, and geotechnical elements.
2016 Development of Contracting Documents and securing of required Permits.
Spring 2019 Bidding and pre-construction activities.
Summer 2019 –  Winter 2020 Project construction delivered in phases over the course of one to two years.

New Marina Policies

The Recreation and Park Commission has adopted new policies for the management and operation of the San Francisco Marina Small Craft Harbor.  New Marina Rules & Regulations were adopted on April 19, 2012, which are now in effect.  Also, the Commission adopted a New Post Renovation Berthing Assignment Policy for the re-population … Continue reading

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