Margaret S. Hayward Playground Improvement Project

Margaret Hayward rendering of future completed renovation


Margaret S. Hayward Playground is located at the corner of Turk and Gough Streets. The park is approximately 6 acres. It offers recreation facilities including indoor recreation space, storage, and related amenities; sport courts; playfields including bleachers with storage and office space; children’s play area; and an emergency operations facility owned and operated by the Department of Emergency Management.


The proposed project may include renovations and/or consolidation of park structures including recreational buildings, storage, and restrooms; improved park access; replacement of sport courts, playfields, children’s play area, new clubhouse and related amenities.


The project is being funded by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhoods Park GO Bond at $14 million; Market & Octavia Community Improvements Fund at $7.984 million; State Housing Related Parks Grant at $2,194,462; Nearby Schools Initiative (potential) at $1.3million; 2012 Parks Bond Contingency (potential) $577K Totaling $26,055,462.


MILESTONE                              SCHEDULE
Start Construction                       Fall 2018
Open to Public                            Summer 2020

*Please note this may change if there are unforeseen circumstances or weather changes during construction; we will do our best to maintain this schedule.

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – September 26, 2019

It’s been a busy summer….with lots of subsurface work (irrigation, sewer and electrical lines); however, now building is taking shape! The basement concrete walls and ceiling were installed and now, the building’s steel structure at plaza level is being framed. Compare the construction photos with previous renderings presented at our … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – April 26, 2019

Demolition is 99% complete – and the park is taking shape: See photos of the new community building form work and the location of the new playground nestled against Turk Street. Thank you for your patience during construction. Due to unforeseen weather impacts on construction, we will be extending the … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – Feb, 15 2019

Demolition is 85% complete – Only 1.5 buildings remain to be removed…and the first concrete footings will be poured next week. Check out the formwork awaiting concrete trucks next week: Margaret S. Hayward Playground Renovation or cut and paste into your browser: UPDATE ON TENNIS COURTS: Extending the tennis … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – Feb 2019

Demolition is 80% complete – most of the existing buildings have been removed! See the photo of the HUGE excavation made for new community building foundation. New development: We will be extending the tennis court closure until February 15th * During demolition, the engineers uncovered an unforeseen structural condition on … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation-December 2018

Demolition to begin in January! Throughout the next few months, the park will be transformed by the removal of all existing park buildings and site features. This month’s tasks were: RPD salvaged a parts of playground equipment, restroom accessories and building furnishings which will be re-purposed in city park sites … Continue reading

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