Little Hollywood Park Improvement Project

Little Hollywood Project Area


Little Hollywood Park is located at the intersection of Lathrop and Tocoloma Avenues in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of District 10. The park is made up of a lower section, which includes a basketball court, children’s play area, grass lawn, bench seating, and an upper section, which is a grass field with picnic tables, barbecues and is used as a dog run. Renovation of the lower section was completed in 2006 and renovation of the upper section is planned to begin this summer.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the renovation of the upper section of the park includes; two accessible parking spaces, a new accessible pathway, accessible picnic tables, a new bench and trash receptacles. Existing picnic tables and barbecues will be refurbished. Landscape work includes tree and shrub removal, site grading, parking bollards, boulders, a retaining wall and new landscape planting.


Construction is set to begin in January 2015 and the project will complete in spring 2015.

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