India Basin Capital Improvement (Future Park Site)

900 Innes airiel view

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SFRPD) has recently acquired the 900 Innes property for future open space. This waterfront land sits between the existing India Basin Shoreline Park and India Basin Shoreline Open Space. It was once the site of boat building and ship repair and will soon be used as recreation and open space.

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All Pools & Facilities will be Closed Veterans Day November 11th

All the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Pools & facilities will be closed on Veterans day November 11th & will re-open Thursday November 12th.  

India Basin Waterfront Parks Design Ideas Competition

Interested parties are invited to submit qualifications for a selection process which will result in design ideas competition for two India Basin properties, 900 Innes and India Basin Shoreline Park. This is a unique opportunity to design a 21st century legacy park in a partly wild, post-industrial, 140-year old historic San Francisco Bay waterfront context, with an emphasis on public access, social equity, recreation, resiliency and habitat. Continue reading

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