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Hilltop Park


Hilltop Park is situated at the heart of the bustling Bayview neighborhood on the highest point of Bayview Hill, with spectacular views of San Francisco Bay.

For decades this was a vibrant community park famous for its signature 78’ sundial and the city’s first skatepark, but today this 3.5 acre space has fallen into decline. The Bayview community, Rec and Park, and the Trust for Public Land are committed to revitalizing this park into a vibrant place to play, exercise, congregate, and enjoy nature.

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Scope of Work

As part of the The Trust for Public Land Parks for People initiative, in partnership with Rec and Park and Parks 94124 and with enthusiastic help from the community, are undertaking a complete renovation of Hilltop Park.

The participatory design process has inspired a site plan with amenities for all ages from a fully remodeled skate park to a tranquil seating area overlooking of the Bay; a picnic and barbecue area to an adult Fitness Zone®. Sustainability features—such as native and drought tolerant plantings, natural irrigation and stormwater retention—are also embedded in the park design.

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Funding Source

A grant in the amount of $5 million dollars was granted to the Recreation and Park Department from a California Recreation and Parks Department Statewide Park and Community Revitalization grant programmed transferred to the Trust for Public Land. Most of the project costs will be covered by the grant.

On top of this grant the skate park at Hilltop Park received a 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Community Opportunity Fund grant of $218 thousand dollars. And a $500 thousand dollar housing related parks grant.

Hilltop (Sundial) Park – Playground repairs June 5-9, 2017

Construction Advisory: June 5-9, 2017 Hilltop Playground will remain open during the repair to the see-saw bumper. The scope of work consists of removing and replacing the bumper and patching the safety surface. Robert A. Bothman (Construction),  Community Playgrounds and Robertson Industries (wearing branded safety vests) will perform the repairs throughout … Continue reading

Hilltop Opening 12/3/2016

After almost a year of construction, Hilltop (Sundial) Park is completed! The park showcases new accessible paths that lead to the new playground, new skateboard park, restored great lawn, and to infamous sundial. Please join us to celebrate on Saturday, 12/3/2016 at 10AM-1PM, for music, food and fun!  

Hilltop Park Renovation Update: Stay Tuned for Construction to Start in the Fall!

Hi Everyone, A sincere thank you to the Bayview community and Hilltop Park stakeholders who have given input over the last year and half on the renovation at Hilltop Park. We have completed the design and anticipate to start construction this Fall. As a refresher, Hilltop Park is 3.58 acre … Continue reading

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