Guy Place Mini Park – New Construction

Guy Place Mini Park, rendering view from above the Park


4-8 Guy Place, one of the very few undeveloped pieces of property in the Rincon Hill district, is a relatively small lot (approximately 4,000 square feet). The parcel is located off First Street near the approach to the Bay Bridge. Guy Place is a quiet, low-traffic side street immediately surrounded by lower-scale residential and commercial buildings. The site slopes down from Guy Place to a flat pad, is generally unpaved other than a concrete ramp from the street. The property was last used for private surface parking.

With funding through the Rincon Hill Community Improvements Fund, this vacant property was purchased by the City in March 2007 following a joint approval by the Planning and the Recreation and Park Commissions and subsequently by the Board of Supervisors in May 2007.

The park is designed for passive use as a respite from the urban environment. It offers contemplative space for quiet enjoyment as well as an opportunity for small-group gatherings. To optimize use and maximize accessibility, the design raises the existing sloped terrain with engineered retaining walls to create a level site. The design is characterized by three outdoor “rooms” that compose the park space, contain bench seating areas, and are framed with a variety of ornamental plants selected for habitat value to pollinators, seasonal interest, and pleasant fragrance.  Nine new trees are included as part of the design. The park is notable in its use of high-quality materials such as granite unit paving, a large ornamental granite slab, and a fence along Guy Place designed by San Francisco artist Adriane Colburn, which is the enrichment component of the project selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

In coordination with the Planning Department’s streetscape improvements planned for Guy Place and nearby Lansing Street, a bulb-out is included in front of the park entrance. This area of widened sidewalk contains a park identification sign as well as permeable a dog relief area with a pet fountain. The bulb-out and pet relief area are eagerly anticipated by the community and are funded from add-back funds secured by the Office of Supervisor Kim.

For more information, contact Brett Desmarais, Project Manager at or 415-575-5601

FUnding Source

Funding for this project comes from development impact fees and an add-back from Supervisor Jane Kim’s Office, all totaling $4.3 million.

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Project FAQs

How many public meetings were held to determine a park design?

Three community meetings were held in 2008 (January 10, 2008, November 19, 2008, and December 17, 2008) that resulted in a community-supported conceptual plan.

An additional community meeting was held on February 13, 2014 to validate the continued support for the 2008 conceptual plan.

On August 10, 2016 a final community presentation was made at a public open house with the Greater Rincon Hill CBD to confirm ongoing support for the project.

Will the new park include trees?

Yes, the park includes 6 new multi-trunk birch trees as well as two understory trees and an additional shade tree at the rear property boundary.

Are the plants selected invasive?

A variety of ornamental plants, including many native plants, were selected for their habitat value to pollinators, seasonal interest, and pleasant fragrance.  The bamboo used in the design is a clumping variety that is also contained within a root barrier.