Glen Canyon Trails Improvement Project



Beyond Glen Canyon Park’s recreation center, ball field, and tennis courts lies a large urban canyon that has incredible spring wildflower displays, dramatic rock (chert) formations, and Islais Creek, one of the few remaining free-flowing creeks in San Francisco. This 60 acres of wilderness, formerly referred to as the San Miguel Hills, not only provides critical habitat for a wide array of wildlife, but serves as a relaxing sanctuary from the city’s urban bustle. An extensive network of hiking trails leads through a variety of habitats, from the lush creekside vegetation to the rocky grass- and scrublands of the canyon’s steep eastern slope, where a profusion of wildflowers blooms each spring.

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The Glen Canyon Trail Restoration project will repair existing trails and steps, provide fencing for public safety and to protect sensitive habitat areas, provide erosion control measures, restore native plants and provide wayfinding signage. The existing trails are in poor condition and in need of restoration. The proposed trail restoration will improve safety, repair retaining edges, address seeps and wet areas to improve pedestrian access, address invasive plant and hazardous tree removal, and enhance the trail experience in Glen Canyon Park by retaining the rustic quality of the trail.


  • 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $900,000
  • 2008 Habitat Conservation Fund (Glen Canyon Park Islais Creek Restoration Project”) grant: $157,000
  • 2010 Habitat Conservation Fund (“Creekside Loop Trail Improvements”) grant: $163,587
  • 2013 Habitat Conservation Fund (“Creeks to Peaks”) grant (for trail improvements at Twin Peaks as well as at Glen Canyon): $130,000

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Call for Input: Twin Peaks Promenade Concept Design

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Sussex Stair Improvements

Work has resumed on the replacement of the Sussex stair. Thank you for your patience during the delay. Completion of the stair should take approximately 4 weeks. Fabrication and installation of the permanent metal handrail may take a few weeks longer, in which case a temporary wooden handrail will be … Continue reading

Temporary Closure & Detour

Replacement of the stairs at the intersection of Sussex and Elk Streets will begin on November 27, 2017. Please observe the trail detours and closures as shown on the map above. It is anticipated that construction of the new stair will be complete in February 2018. Thank you again to members of the … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Pilot Promenade Online Survey Closing July 26

A year ago, on July 13, 2016, the eastern half of the “Figure 8” roadway loop of Twin Peaks Boulevard was transformed to a car-free area for people gazing, hiking and biking on top of San Francisco’s famous Twin Peaks.  This pilot project was legislated by the SFMTA and is part of a … Continue reading

Landscape work continues at Glen Canyon

Construction progress continues on the new rear landscape area at the Glen Canyon Rec Center.  A concrete patio has been built and wood decking is now under construction. These pathways and seating areas will be surrounded by new planting areas featuring rain gardens, pathway lighting, and a new irrigation system. As this … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Pilot “Promenade” In Effect Starting July 13

On Wednesday, July 13, a portion of the “figure 8” roadway loop will become a car-free area for people gazing, hiking and biking on top of San Francisco’s famous Twin Peaks. The pilot is one step in the larger Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project, which includes a two-year pilot for which we’ve partnered with … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Figure 8 Pilot Redesign

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Project FAQs


Glen Canyon's Creekside Loop Trail is a multi-use trail that allows visitors to enjoy views of Islais Creek, one of the last free-flowing creeks in San Francisco. To better serve park users and improve safety, the Urban Trails Program will widen and stabilize sections of the trail that are narrow and highly erosive and install attractive rustic fences in areas that are steep and dangerous. The program will also landscape erosive areas next to the creek and trails, planting native plants that support wildlife, and install wayfinding and regulatory signs at the loop trail entrances, which are main entrances to the park.


An extensive trail network winding through the canyon's grasslands offers magnificent views as well as connections to neighborhoods surrounding the canyon. Segments of some of these trails will be realigned, and retaining walls and steps installed, to improve safety and access and to reduce erosion. Trailside vegetation will be restored, and signs installed at trailheads and junctions to guide park users.


The Islais Creek Trail allows park users to experience the creek up close. The Urban Trails Program will upgrade this trail to improve water quality and access in areas that flood seasonally, and will build a new section of trail through the creek's upper corridor to Portola Avenue, thereby linking the Glen Canyon and Twin Peaks trail networks. Wayfinding signs will be installed to guide users at key trail junctions, and aggressive invasive plants along the trail will be removed and replaced with plants that offer high habitat value.