Gilman Playground Renovation Project

Gilman Playground

Project completed and open to the public Summer 2016!

Project Scope

The project may include improvements to the children’s play area, exterior clubhouse restrooms for improved access, and related amenities. The project has been allocated $1.8 million from the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.


Gilman Playground is located at the intersection of Gilman and Ingerson Avenues. The park is approximately 224,000 square feet and includes playfields, picnic area, basketball court, children’s play area, and a clubhouse.

Gilman Playground – JUNE 3rd GRAND OPENING

Gilman Playground is nearing completion! Tot panels and play equipment are installed, including a pyramidal net climbing structure. Colorful rubber surfacing is being poured in sections. You are invited to the GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION on June 3rd, 3 PM. This event will include a climbing wall, sports and games and youth activities. … Continue reading

Gilman Playground’s WPA Past

By Ryan Kelly May 6th marked the 81st anniversary of the enactment of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), one of the most successful public works programs in our nation’s history. Its main purpose was to put Americans back to work by boosting infrastructure while also promoting scientific and artistic projects. … Continue reading

UPDATE: Gilman Playground Renovation

The chartreuse-colored posts of the new children’s play structure are now going up. The play equipment will get fully installed by mid-week of next week, then followed by the rubber surfacing in colors that reference the site’s historic location along the original bay shoreline. For more information, please contact Marvin Yee, … Continue reading

UPDATE: Gilman Playground Renovation

Since the winter rains have subsided, great progress has been made on the Gilman Playground renovation project. The ground dried sufficiently to proceed with soil compaction and installation of the gravel sub-base for the new playground rubber fall surface. The new trellis over the group picnic area is assembled and installed. … Continue reading

UPDATE: Gilman Playground Renovation

Although intermittent wet weather continues to slow down the renovation work, tree work is completed and new concrete paving was poured last week. Planned activities for the next few weeks include installation of light poles, modification of the clubhouse restrooms for wheelchair access, and base preparation for the new playground’s rubber … Continue reading

UPDATE: Gilman Playground Renovation

Despite the rain, the renovation of Gilman Playground has made steady progress. Underground utilities are mostly in. Concrete curbs are built to define the play area. Tree work is in progress. When the ground dries up, grading and sub-base preparation will continue. The anticipated completion has been pushed back to summer … Continue reading

Gilman Playground Renovation – UPDATE

The Recreation and Park Commission is awarding a contract to Anvil Builders in the amount of $1,093,595 for the renovation of Gilman Playground. Scope of work includes – Swings and independent events (zip line, net spinner, and independent spinners); – Pour-in-place rubber surface depicting a shoreline setting in reference to … Continue reading

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