GGP Equestrian Center, Phase 1

GGP Equestrian Center


The Equestrian Center at Golden Gate Park is located south of John F Drive between Spreckles Lake, Golden Gate Park Stadium, and Lindley Meadow. The complex consists of five structures surrounding a central riding arena. On the south of the site stands the longest structure, a concrete grandstand with horse stalls beneth the seating. The Grandstand structure was built in 1909, and the other four stable buildings were constructed in 1939 under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) program established by the Federal Government to provide work relief to Americans during the Great Depression.


The San Francisco Parks Trust (SFPT) and the City of San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRP) have undertaken a long-term
program to restore ad develop new program at the historic stables location in Golden Gate Park. PHASE 1 of the project will focus on hazard
remidation and site preparation.

  1. Restore four existing WPA Stables Buildings – reduce number of stalls from 52 to 26
  2. Construct one new stable building to add approximately 6 stalls.
  3. Construct a new Central Arena structure to be covered and open on the sides.
  4. Construct new hay barn and feed storage structures.
  5. Develop systems using sustainable technologies
  6. Demolish the existing Grandstand
  7. Construct a new Education Center building
  8. Improve landscape areas around the approximately 2 acre Stables site and develop horse turnout areas as required.

Location Map