Franklin Square Improvement Project

Franklin Square Existing Site

Thanks to the Friends of Franklin Square who lobbied successfully to install new adult exercise equipment including: two level parallel horizontal bars, parallel bars, horizontal ladder and light fixtures on fence poles to illuminate the western area of the park.

The project received $120K Eastern Neighborhood Benefit Funds; and $16K General Fund for the exercise equipment costs. Lighting is funded by an add-back allocated from the General Fund, secured by Supervisor Malia Cohen’s Office at $25K. The project may receive showplace Square/Potrero Open Space funding.

Planned Improvements

Lighting and Equipment

The project received $120K Eastern Neighborhood Benefit Funds for the improvement costs which includes a two-level parallel horizontal bar, parallel bars, horizontal ladder.

Because of little illumination along the western area of the park, the community requested several lights along this edge. With $25K funded by the Supervisor’s Office, several lamp fixtures will be attached to the athletic field fence poles illuminating the west path and patch of green.

Field Replacement

The field was replaced in early 2017 and is now open to the public.


Construction for this project will begin summer 2018.


Franklin Square Construction Update

The Franklin Square Improvement Project is continuing construction following the rainy weather.  During construction, the project was awarded additional funding that allowed for expanded/improved lighting and replacement of the park’s west asphalt pathway.  The remaining work includes west side asphalt paving, light pole installation, and par course equipment installation.  The … Continue reading

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