DuPont Courts Restroom Renovation and Court Resurfacing

DuPont Tennis Courts


DuPont Courts currently has a restroom that is in total disrepair and needs to be renovated. Funding for this project comes from the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood General Obligation Parks Bond Restroom Renovation funds. The court resurfacing was already set to go and in order to save time and money, both projects were combined.


This project will renovate the existing restroom, add an accessible entrance to the restroom and courts; resurface the tennis courts; replace the nets and improve the vegetation.

DuPont Courts Restroom Renovation – UPDATE

On September 9th, neighbors of DuPont Courts attended an informational meeting on the upcoming renovation of the DuPont Court restroom building hosted by the Recreation and Park Department at the Rochambeau Clubhouse. The renovation will include a new wheelchair-accessible ramp from 30th Ave, and single-occupancy restroom on the west end of the restroom building. … Continue reading

DuPont Courts Restroom Renovation and Courts Resurfacing Community Meeting

The Recreation and Park Department would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss the continuing restroom renovation and court resurfacing project at DuPont Courts. In lieu of replacing the restroom … Continue reading

UPDATE – DuPont Courts Restrooms

The City received an appeal of the demolition permit for the replacement of the free-standing restrooms. Due to prolonged delay, the Recreation and Park Department is re-evaluating the scope of the project. In the interim, Dupont Tennis Courts remains open. Note that restrooms are not available at DuPont Tennis Courts … Continue reading

DuPont Courts Restroom – UPDATE

Dear Neighbors of DuPont Courts: As you may know, the DuPont Courts restroom project is funded under the 2008 Park Bond to improve free-standing restrooms, supported by 71% of voters. Subject to the outcome of a permit appeal hearing on April 9, 2014 (Wed) the project replaces the existing restrooms … Continue reading

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