Betty Ong Chinese Recreation Center Renovation

Betty Ong Rec Center

The Recreation Center renovation is now complete and open to the public. The building also received LEED Gold Certification soon after completion.

For several decades, San Franciscans have enjoyed recreating at the Chinese Recreation Center, a heavily used facility in the heart of Chinatown. In 2008, the voters of San Francisco allocated over $21 million to upgrading and repairing this community treasure so that it may continue to provide today’s youth and future generations a safe place to play and exercise.


The Chinatown community came together and visualized a new recreation center and park that meets the unique needs of this vibrant neighborhood. Now, we are working to turn their vision into a world-class recreation center that will include a renovated basketball court and children’s play area, as well as upgraded pathways. We will also improve the landscape and the park infrastructure with better lighting and ADA accessibility. Once completed, the Chinese Recreation Center will be a place of neighborhood pride enjoyed by children, teenagers and families alike.

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Located on a steep hill at the corner of Mason and Washington in Chinatown, the Chinese Recreation Center serves one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The existing center is a three-story concrete building that offers users 22,212 sf of recreation space including a court for basketball/volleyball, two kitchens, a weight room, a multi-purpose room/auditorium, ping-pong tables, and restrooms with showers. An outdoor basketball court and two children's play areas compliment the center's indoor facilities.

Catering mostly to inner city youth, the center serves as a safe haven, promoting constructive activities to help keep kids on a positive track. Everyday, one can see local youth running up and down the basketball courts and lifting weights in the workout room

According to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks' criteria, the Chinese Recreation Center ranks highest in overall need for repair among all recreation facilities in the City. After nearly 60 years of serving one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in San Francisco, San Franciscans have recognized the need to give the Chinese Recreation Center a major "makeover." We can't wait to open the center's new doors!