Buena Vista Park Needs Assessment and Cost Analysis

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Scope of Work

This Parkwide Needs Assessment and Cost Analysis project seeks to build upon the existing 2015 Capital Improvement Plan by identifying additional needs and providing cost estimates for the highest priority project areas for Buena Vista Park. The project will incorporate the Capital Improvement Plan, community needs, and maintenance needs, while considering the circulation and hardscape, erosion control and water management, and forest management. A key stakeholder in this project will be the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA), who is providing a grant to RPD to undertake this work.


Grant – Buena Vista Park Neighborhood Association $50,000
Budgetary Add-Back $50,000
Recreation & Park 2012 Bond Funding $162,952

Community Meetings (1-3) October 2019 through March 2020; Final report due March 2020
Community Partner: Buena Vista Neighborhood Association

Buena Vista Park – Community Meeting

The first community meeting for the Buena Vista Park Needs Assessment and Cost Analysis project will be held on October 7, 2019 at 7pm in the Randall Museum Theater Room, located at 199 Museum Way. Please join us to discuss the scope and schedule of the project, meet the team, … Continue reading

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