Buena Vista Park Capital Improvement Planning

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About the Project

Buena Vista Park is both a central and critical natural resource to San Francisco and its residents. As such the Departments of Public Works and Recreation and Park embarked on a planning effort to identify both long and short-term strategies to help sustain and improve the park. The final outcome identifies and prioritizes several critical small short-term projects from your input at a series of community meetings. The first meeting built consensus around goals for the capital improvements and review a recent site assessment and potential improvements.

Click here to see the completed Community Consultation Final Report.

Capital Improvement Strategy Plan: Two-part approach
  1. Long Term: Establish overall magnitude of costs for entire park upgrade and restoration strategies for future big funding opportunities.
  2. Short Term: Identify & prioritize 5 small (~500k) high priority projects that can be funded with grant opportunities or city prioritization.

Great News! The Buena Vista Capital Improvement Community Consultation Document is Here.

Thank you so much for all of your input and for participating in such an exciting process. We value your suggestions and greatly appreciate all of the information you shared with use, throughout this process. We would now like to share with you the document we produced from all your … Continue reading

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