Boat Playground (45th and Lincoln) Restroom Construction Project

Boat Playground


The Recreation and Park Department would like to thank Supervisor Tang for her continued support for this project, and her leadership on securing the funding required to make this a reality. We would also like to thank the 45th Avenue Neighborhood SAFE Association for taking the initiative to develop this program and to garner the support of all the local neighbors and neighborhood organizations.

Proposed Improvements

•Install a free-standing restroom building which is approximately 15’ x 34’ in dimensions. The proposed restroom building is a copy of the traditional design restroom prototype.
•Project includes new domestic water, electrical and sanitary utility services from Lincoln Avenue.
•Improve the pedestrian path of travel from Lincoln Ave to the restroom building so that the project creates an accessible path, for those with different abilities.
•Add landscape around the structure to enhance screening from Lincoln Avenue and blend the building into the existing park’s landscape.
•Adjust the irrigation system as required to provide adequate water for new plants.

If you have questions regarding this project please contact the Project Manager Dan Mauer at: or(415) 581-2542.

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