Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project

View of downtown SF from Bernal Hill in the Summer


Bernal Heights provides visitors with stunning 360-degree views of the city and surrounding Bay Area. A network of trails winds around the hill through the native grasslands and provides access to the top. The Bernal Heights Trail is in poor condition with poorly defined entries, eroded stairways, redundant social trails that contribute to erosion and loss of sensitive habitat, and the trail system lacks trail identification and wayfinding signage.

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Scope of work

The Bernal Heights Trail Restoration project will improve and repair existing trails and steps, eliminate social trails, provide erosion control measures, restore native plants and provide trail identification and wayfinding.

Funding Source

The Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project is funded by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.  Due to increasing construction costs and knowledge gained through completion of four previous bond-funded trails improvement projects, we are also seeking grant funding to help to complete the project.  Potential funding sources include the Recreational Trails Program and the Habitat Conservation Fund.


Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project Progress

We are happy to report that the Rec and Park and Public Works team working on the Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project is picking back up with the project this summer. Work remaining includes completing the close to final construction documents, advertising the project to contractors, awarding contract and … Continue reading

Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project On Hold

This project is currently on hold. Our team applied for three grants over the last year and a half to supplement 2008 Park Bond funding because of rising construction costs.  Unfortunately, we were not awarded any of the grants; however, there is a chance that we will be chosen from … Continue reading

Vote for Interpretive Signs at Bernal Heights Park trails Every Day Through April 30

Bernal Heights Park has been nominated to receive funding for the Parks Build Community initiative which kicked off on April 1st. The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is collaborating with The Walt Disney Company to help revitalize parks across the country including parks here in San Francisco. Every day in April … Continue reading

Bernal Heights Trails Improvement Project Timeline and Tree Work

Bernal Heights Trails Improvement Project is behind originally planned schedule, but we have not forgotten about it. Due to increasing construction costs and based on experience with previous trails improvement projects, Rec and Park is fine tuning our construction documents and applying for grants to supplement 2008 Clean & Safe … Continue reading

Rec and Park working with SFMTA on New Crossing at Bernal Heights Blvd.

As part of our Bernal Heights Trails Improvement Project, we are working with SFMTA on an improved trailhead and crossing at Bernal Heights Boulevard at the northeast corner of the park. The SFMTA board will be holding a public hearing on Friday, March 6 to review the crossing details. We … Continue reading

Bernal Heights Trails Improvement Project Coming Soon

For those community members who participated in community meetings quite some time ago regarding Rec and Park’s planned trails improvements at Bernal Heights, thank you for your patience!  We are working on several 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond-funded trail improvement projects (see Our design team is working on … Continue reading

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Project FAQs

Urban trails allow residents to escape the city's hectic pace and explore nature in their own neighborhoods. One of the things San Franciscans value most about our parks and open spaces is the opportunity they provide for hiking and enjoying the beauty of our natural landscapes. The Recreation and Park Department's Urban Trails Program is a two-part initiative to restore key trails and expand the current volunteer trail corps to help create and maintain a trail network in the city's natural areas.

San Francisco's natural areas contain almost 30 miles of trails, but many are in poor shape--difficult to access, uneven, steep, and prone to erosion. The Urban Trails Program will restore and enhance miles of trails for hikers and recreational enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy, thanks to the Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, approved by voters in 2008. This bond dedicated $5 million to improving trails and trail safety in our natural areas, restoring and protecting the natural landscapes around trails, and creating new and improved trail connections between neighboring parks.

Renovated trails will improve access to a variety of urban nature outings, from streamside rambles to breathtaking climbs to panoramic viewpoints. New and improved trail connections will help establish regional trails, enabling residents and visitors to experience miles of uninterrupted natural beauty in the middle of the city.

Because funding for trail improvements is limited, the Department has worked with community groups and stakeholders to focus spending on parks and open spaces that have the greatest needs and would provide the greatest benefits if improved.

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