Project Update

Permit Appeal Update

As reported last month, a second appeal of a Lafayette Park Renovation Project building permit was filed with the Board of Appeals. This latest appeal suspends Permit 1610, which covers the RPD operation’s maintenance complex (cargo container pad and trellis enclosure). The Board of Appeals hearing date has been set for Wednesday, October 24, at 5 PM in City Hall Room 416.  An important component of these hearings is public testimony, so if you support this project we would really appreciate hearing from you.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have specific question about the appeal; or to learn about the BOA process visit the Board of Appeals Website at:

Temporary Dog Play Area Update

The latest, and I believe realistic, forecast for the reopening of DPA #2 is Monday, October 15.  All the required inspections have been performed and the trenches have now been backfilled.  Two large truck-loads of mulch will be delivered to the site on Friday and Monday.  As soon as the mulch is spread the DPA will be reopened for dog play.

As early as next day, the Contractor will take steps to close DPA #1 (fronting Washington) for construction work. Work in this area will consist of setting subsurface drain lines and irrigation lines.  In addition, the section of path and sidewalk at the Washington/Octavia Street entrance will be paved.  The scope of this work in this DPA is significantly less than what was just performed in DPA #2, so we believe it will be completed much more quickly.

Construction Progress

Working is moving along quickly now.  New concrete paths are appearing around the perimeter of the park.  The low seat walls and benches have been poured and the Contractor has started on the foundation work in the children’s play area. Work on the ADA path that winds around the tennis courts will begin next week.

The natural boulders which will be used in the children’s play area will be delivered to the project site on October 11 and 12.  The rock will arrive on three large flat-bed trucks.  The trucks will be parked on Sacramento Street, where the boulders will be off-loaded and hauled by forklift onto the site through the Sacramento/Octavia Street park entrance.  The availability of parking along Sacramento will be impacted due to the delivery.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

DPA#2 almost ready to reopen.

Forms in place for the Gorge play feature.

Crews work on the the low seat walls the line the new ADA path.