Project Update

Permit Appeal Update

We are happy to report that last night the Board of Appeals voted unanimously to deny the appellant’s request to re-hear her appeal of our building permit no. 0448 (restroom and site improvements).  This means that we should see the suspension lifted and work starting up again as early as tomorrow.  Watch for major progress around the playground area over the next few weeks.

Temporary Dog Play Area Update

The latest forecast for the reopening of DPA #2 is October 12.  Due to the extensive trenching that was performed, the area is now predominately dirt.  General consensus from the landscape design team is that any attempt to lay new sod in the area now would be futile.  The standard establishment time for sod is 2-3 months.  Given that only 2-3 weeks could be devoted to establishment, coupled with the heavy use the area gets, we believe sod will not survive.  Our current plan of action is to provide a layer of fine mulch to create a clean cushion that can absorb water and keep dust down (see photo below).  Our hope is that this treatment, coupled with a new (but still manual) irrigation system, will make using the temporary DPA more pleasant.