Project Soon to be Underway!

Glen Canyon, Arroyo Willow Creekside Loop Trail
[This photo shows an example of tree failure: Arroyo Willow, Creekside Loop Trail]

Pending award of contract by the Rec and Park Commission, we will begin the Trails Improvement Project in late September. This project is the result of extensive community input provided at three community meetings and a site walk, as well as at meetings for the related but separate Glen Canyon Park Improvement Plan project.  Please see the main project page for a description of the scope of the project. As part of the Trails Improvement Project, trees within 50’ of the trails were assessed for health and structural condition. Trees that were dead, dying, in poor health or that possessed significant defects in structure were recommended to be pruned or removed by an independent arborist. On August 16, we will do a courtesy 30-day advanced notice posting on each of the 31 trees that is slated for removal. Ten trees will be pruned to mitigate their hazardous condition. Tree work will begin after September 16th. Our goal is to complete tree work prior to the beginning of 2014 in order to minimize disruption to nesting birds. After confirming tree locations in the field, we will post a map showing approximate location of all trees slated for removal or pruning. Trailside restoration planting of over 3,000 square feet is also part of this project.

Please visit this site for regular updates. We will also post informational signage on site when the contractor mobilizes this Fall and will maintain some pedestrian access through the Canyon as much as possible.