Progress with Oak Woodlands Trails Improvements

Trail closure advisories

Our contractor is making good progress with improvements to the trails in the special Oak Woodlands area of Golden Gate Park. Trail realignment work and hazardous tree removal work has started at the western edge of the Oak Woodlands.

Trail closure advisoriesTrail alignment and grading

Landscape architect reviewing alignmentTrail work in progress

Trail surfacing work will begin the week of July 23. The Rec and Park and Public Works team is meeting frequently on site with the contractor to monitor quality and progress.  All trees have been verified for lack of bird nesting activity prior to removal. The contractor has also been notified of particularly sensitive planted areas, including a restoration site carefully planted by the Friends of the Oak Woodlands.

In the staff report presented to Rec and Park Commission for concept design approval for the project was the following quote “The proposed trail restoration will improve visual quality, access, safety and enhance the trail experience in Oak Woodlands by retaining the rustic quality of the trail.” That is still a guideline for all on the project team.

Please contact the project manager at with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more updates!