Portsmouth Square – Trash Enclosure Construction

一個新的垃圾桶外殼將成為限制訪問的垃圾收集區圍繞建設。該項目將在11月初完成。 垃圾桶外殼與規劃,這是在2015年三月完成了花園角廁所更換項目有關。

監事Julie Christensen負責該項目的籌資。

如想了解詳情,請聯繫項目經理Marvin Yee:Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org 或 (415) 581-2541.

A new trash enclosure will be construction around the garbage collection area for restricted access. The project will be completed by early November.

The trash enclosure is associated with the planning for the Portsmouth Square Restroom replacement project that was completed in March 2015.

Funding for this project is made possible through Supervisor Julie Christensen.

For more information, please contact project manager Marvin Yee at Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org or (415) 581-2541.