Planned Construction Activities, September 2011

The first half of September has been quiet around the SF Marina Renovation job site, but that doesn’t mean significant progress isn’t being made.  At the Kie-Con yard in Antioch, crews are working feverishly to form, pour and hand-finish the concrete dock sections that will begin arriving on-site for installation beginning next month.  I had the opportunity to witness the dock fabrication in action two weeks ago and was amazed at how labor intensive it is.  Crews consisting of dozens of workers participated in a multi-step process that resulted in the creation of just a single dock section.  The process goes something like this.  Crews begin with the assembly of sections of hand trimmed foam cores.  Individual core units vary in size based on the width and draft of the specific float section being fabricated.  The core units are lined up in a row to meet the desired float length.  Once the cores are properly aligned the crew sets the pull boxes and utility sleeves as-needed, and then wraps the foam core units from top to bottom with structural steel.  This is all done pretty much by hand.  Once the assembly is checked and double-checked, it is then boxed in with metal plates creating a giant casting form.  The form is then filled with poured concrete.  When the concrete has begun to set the top surface of the float is smoothed and then receives a hand applied broom finish.  After the concrete is fully set the forms are removed and the float is inspected for overall quality.  The whole process takes about one full day to complete for a single section of dock.  After several docks have been cast, the crew returns to correct any imperfections in color or finish.

As September progresses, we will see in-water construction activities ramping up.  Last week Dutra began pile driving for the 185’ fixed sheet-pile breakwater located perpendicular to the Marina seawall.  Forming and pouring of the concrete cap on the fixed breakwater will be done in the next two weeks.  Hazard markers will be placed at the ends of the new fixed breakwater as a temporary measure until the navigational lights are up and operational.  Boaters should be aware of this change in the marina conditions and be sure to keep an eye out when they enter and exit the harbor.

This month the marina welcomed its new harbor master, John Moren.  The renovation project team has been meeting with John to bring him up to speed on this project.  We welcome his knowledge and experience on marina operations.

Float cores are wrapped with reinforcing steel.

The float form is filled with concrete. The top is then smoothed and broom finished.