Planned Construction Activities – October and November 2012

We are in the home stretch now.  Only 3 months until substantial completion.  For those keeping track, we have granted the Contractor a two month extension to perform the work.  This is modest given the additional scope of work added to the project, and the complexity of the dredging operations plan that was ultimately implemented for the Phase II dredging.

During the month of October our Contractor performed dredging of the inner basin and the area between the Scott Street mole and the new sheet pile breakwater.  If fair conditions continue, dredging should wrap up the first week of November.  Also in October, the docks along Marina Blvd. (F-dock) were delivered, assembled and installed. The new docks are now covered in fabric to protect them from those pesky birds until they are ready to hand off for occupancy.  Meanwhile at the Kiecon site in Antioch workers have begun fabrication of the floating breakwater.

November we should see fast progress with significant visible changes within the West Harbor.  On-dock utilities, gangways and gates, and dock appurtenances will be installed on F-dock, with a target of handing them off for occupancy toward the end of the month.  After the dredging is concluded, the mains for A-dock (east of the Scott Street Mole) and I Alt-dock (east of the Golden Gate Yacht Club) will be delivered and installed.  Toward the end of the month the large piles to anchor the floating breakwater will be driven and repairs to the north face of the North Jetty will be performed.

The final scope of work to be performed in December and January will include finger installation, dock utilities, gates and gangways and dock appearances for A-dock and I Alt-dock, the pump-out station will be re-installed, the floating breakwater will be delivered and installed, and the landside work will be wrapped up.  By the end of January we should have beneficial use of the entire project area and we can say goodbye to the trailer and staging area.  It is hard to believe that two years could pass so quickly.