Planned Construction Activities, November 2011

October in-water construction activity focused on the installation of the fixed sheetpile breakwater.  Reports received so far indicate that waters are noticeably calmer in the outer harbor since the breakwater was placed.  Work on the breakwater will wrap-up by mid-November with the installation of the concrete cap.

The first barge load of concrete floats and piles arrived on-site two weeks ago and no time was wasted getting started on their assembly.  With the in-water construction work window closing in just a few weeks, the construction crews will be going full steam ahead to make the deadline for the installation of the phase I docks.  The first dock sections were splashed last week and assembly of G-dock [big boat row] is now well underway.  Pile driving was a bit bumpy at first, but seems to be progressing steadily.  Once G-dock is complete, the crew will move on to I-dock, H-dock and finally D-dock [sailboat row].  Time permitting, the crew will close-out the in-water season with the driving of fender piles.  

Meanwhile on land, the last two weeks have seen construction crews working on trenching and laying of water lines and conduit for the upgraded electric service on the North Jetty.  This will culminate with the placement of our new electrical transformer and switchgear equipment on the grass just east of the St Francis Yacht Club.  At the end of November work should begin on the renovation of the Harbor Master Building.  Access to the West Mole may be temporarily interrupted [for a few hours] while the crews perform minor abatement work.  During the 4 to 6 week period when work is being performed inside the Harbor Master Building, the boater showers and public restrooms will be closed and the office of the Harbor Master will be temporarily relocated to the site trailer located at the foot of Scott Street.

Driving of the sheetpile breakwater east of the Scott Street Mole.

Driving of concrete piles on the G-Dock main.