Planned Construction Activities – March 2012

March is set to be an exciting month in the Marina.  Beginning March 17, the first lot of newly constructed docks and slips will be opened for boat occupancy.  During the course of the last two weeks of the month, the Harbormaster will begin directing boaters toward new, temporary slips assignments in anticipation of the start of Phase 2 dock construction.  Some lucky boaters will receive temporary assignments in one of the new, upgraded slips constructed under Phase 1 of the project.  Boat movement in March will focus on vacating all the existing docks located west of the Harbor office and accessed off the West Mole [Docks C and E].

Phase 2 in-water work will begin with the demolition of all the existing wood docks immediately north and south of the West Mole.  If boat relocation goes smoothly, the Contractor’s barge should pull up and begin working in the area on March 26.  Boaters should be aware that during demolition of docks and pulling of piles in the inner-basin, access to vessels moored off the Marina seawall may be restricted due to the presence of construction equipment and the silt-curtains.  Our Contractors will do their best to provide clear passage for vessels enter and exiting the harbor.  However, boaters in the inner-basin should expect periodic delays during weekday working hours over the course of the next several months.  Whenever possible, we ask that boaters moored in the inner-basin contact the Harbor office prior to scheduling a trip to confirm that the fairways will be clear of construction vessels and equipment.  We appreciate your patience.

First vessel is officially moored to a renovated dock.