Planned Construction Activities, June 20-July 1

Over the past three weeks we have seen major changes in the West Harbor.  Demolition of about 50% of the existing timber docks has been completed and the Contractor is almost done pulling the abandoned piles.

On Tuesday, June 21 dredging of the now vacated areas of marina will begin, starting with the area just west of the Scott Street Mole.  Dutra Construction has secured a special permit to allow them to dredge over-night.  This will speed up the process and reduce the duration in which the dredging barge will need to be in the harbor.

During the week of July 4 the final step of the Phase I relocation of boats is schedule to occur when G-dock [aka as big boat row] will be detached from its piles and then reinstalled at a temporary location west of the Scott Street mole.   This is a major milestone that should be recognized.  The relocation process has been a challenge, and I want to thank all the boaters for their patience.  I also want to commend our acting harbormaster, Benny Jarvis, for making all the pieces come together in the end.  Thanks everyone.

Salvaged docks loaded up and ready for transport to Crescent City where they will be used to repair the tsunami damaged harbor.