Planned Construction Activities, August 1 – August 31

I am sure many will be happy to hear that Phase I dredging activities concluded last week.  As previously reported, Dutra Construction secured a permit to perform dredging using 24-hour shifts.  This reduced the time that the dredge barge and scow were on site from a forecasted 3 to 4 months to only 6 weeks.   On behalf of the Recreation and Park Department, I apologize for any inconvenience the night work may have caused our harbor berth holders and marina neighbors.  If our permits to dredge the Phase II area are secured earlier than anticipated we may see the dredging equipment back on site for a short period in November. Otherwise, the balance of the dredging of the West Basin will be performed beginning in June 2012.

The next few months will be rather quiet on the site.  The project’s development will center on the fabrication of the docks and gangways, which is occurring off-site.  Representatives from the project team visited the Kie-Con factory last week to witness the casting of the project’s first concrete float.  The casting process will be ongoing over the next couple of months.  Delivery and installation of the Phase I docks will begin in the fall.

Beginning the week of August 15, the City’s consultants will be on-site collecting sediment samples for testing and analysis.  Samples will be collected from the inner channel and under the docks along Marina Boulevard, and from the area east of the Scott Street Mole.  In addition, cores will be taken at three locations near the end of the West Mole.  Access to the West Mole may be temporarily closed while the test pits are dug and the cores are taken.

A small number of parking spaces just east of the harbor master’s office and construction manager’s trailer will be temporarily closed during the week of August 15th while the Contractor relocates an existing catch basin.

Finally, boaters are invited to stop by the Dutra Construction Trailer located on the North Jetty where samples of the Eaton Power Pedestal and dock box specified for the project are on display.

Dredging at the SF Marina