Planned Construction Activities – April 2012

Phase 2 in-water construction is currently underway.  The Contractor completed demolition or C and E Docks [those accessed off the West Mole] during the first two weeks of April.  Intense construction activities in the vicinity of the West Mole will continue throughout the month.  Work in the area will include the installation of the new masonry cap at the termination point of the West Mole, removal of the Mole’s below water foundation, and preparation for the installation of the new concrete docks which will begin to arrive on-site toward the end of the month. Quality rip-rap extracted from the mole’s foundation will be reused to shore-up the eroding south face of the jetty east of the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Work on the harbor building is running several weeks behind schedule.  The Contractor is now working toward an early May deadline to reopen the office, shower facilities and restrooms.  Other land-side work underway this month include the installation of the new fire water line at the intersection of Marina Blvd. and Scott Street, the construction of the trash enclosure east of the harbor office, and continued work on utility installation on both the north and south sides of the harbor.  Boaters should note that parking stalls in the vicinity of the harbor office may be temporarily unavailable due to utility trenching that will take place over the next several weeks.

Boaters are reminded that during the driving of piles and installation of new docks in the inner-basin, access to vessels moored off the Marina seawall may be restricted due to the presence of construction equipment and silt curtains. Our Contractors will do their best to provide clear passage for vessels entering and exiting the harbor. However, boaters in the inner-basin should expect periodic delays during weekday working hours over the course of the next several months. Whenever possible, we ask that boaters moored in the inner-basin contact the Harbor office prior to scheduling a trip to confirm that the fairways will be clear of construction vessels and equipment. Again, we appreciate your patience.

For your information, this spring a number of capital projects unrelated to the harbor renovation will begin in and around the Marina Green.  You may have noticed that work is already underway at the intersection of Marina Blvd. and Yacht Road. Construction crews are in the processes of modifying the ‘4-corners’ intersection in preparation for of the soon to be completed Doyle Drive bypass.  The Department of Public Works has recently completed the paving and curb-cut installations along Marina Blvd. between Yacht Road and Scott Street  DPW crews will continue to work their way eastward through the end of the month.  Finally, in the coming weeks construction of a new restroom structure on Little Marina Green [along Yacht Road] is scheduled to begin.  The new structure will replace the aging clay-tile roofed structure, housing new restroom facilities and support space for RPD operations [including more space for harbor staff].  The project is funded through the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Restroom Replacement Program.

Phase 2 demolition in progress.