Special Event Fees

The following is a summary of the typical basic fees for special events. Please complete a Special Event Application and we will assist you in determining total fees.

Venue Fees

GGP Lindley Meadow $12,333 $6,167
GGP Hellman Hollow (formerly Speedway Meadow) $22,200 $11,100
GGP Marx Meadow (2 hr limit on amplified sound) $3,083 $1,542
GGP Robin Williams Meadow $14,800 $7,400
GGP Polo Field $61,666 $30,833
GGP Bandshell Area $3,083 $1,542
GGP Music Concourse $13,124 $6,562
Civic Center Plaza $30,833 $15,416
Civic Center DG Center Area Only $14,763 $7,382
Japantown Peace Plaza $1,586 $793
Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre $3,947 $1,973
Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Special Rate Rate for Community Events Only*** $825
Embarcadero Plaza $8,633 $4,317
Embarcadero Plaza – Don Chee Hardscape $3,827 $1,914
Lake Merced – Sunset Parking Lot $1,312 $656
Marina Green Big (Scott Street) $9,250 $4,625
Marina Green Little (Yacht Rd) $987 $493**
Mission Dolores Park $14,800 $7,400
Precita Park $6,167 $3,083
Portsmouth Square $617 $308**
Potrero Del Sol (stage) $1,804 $902
Potrero Del Sol (skate park) $2,406 $1,203
Potrero Del Sol (entire park) $12,576 $6,288
UN Plaza $1,968 $984
Union Square $9,250 $4,625
Washington Square $3,947 $1,973
Other Sites $1.23/person times venue capacity

* To be eligible for nonprofit fee, entity sponsoring and running event must be a not for profit.
** Minimum fee for event involving amplified sound is $650
***Community focused, no financial benefits to organizers

Amplified Sound Fees and Procedures

The minimum venue fee for any event involving amplified sound is $650

Amplified sound fee is $77 for non profit and $560 for commercial event

Amplified sound may also include costs of Park Patrol to monitor sound level depending on venue

Special additional application required:
Amplified Sound Application

Other Fees

Impact Fees

  • Race Fees in Park: $1.35 per runner
  • Walk Fees in Park: $.68 per walker
  • Ground Regeneration Fees: Depends on location and number of participant

Events Requiring Road Closures in Park

  • $1.35 per participant plus cost of Park Patrol to assist with road closure
  • Requires outreach to neighbors and coordination with MUNI, SFPD and DPT also required

Concession Fees

  • 5% of any concession sales

Staff Reimbursement – This can include a variety of different staff:

  • Park Patrol to monitor event activities
  • Gardener Supervisors to review set up of site, to inspect site after the event and to make any necessary repairs
  • Custodial to provide additional janitorial service during the event and for post event clean up.

Gated Event: 25% of ticket sales

Amateur Events – no admission charge: Weekdays – $209; Weekends $277 (non-holiday)