Other Required Provisions

In helping you to plan your event, the following outlines some of the typically required provisions. However, it is not a complete list, and some provisions are not always required. Only upon receipt of your application can we determine what will apply.

Police Review

Permittee must contact the Permit Officer of the Precinct Police Station for security and for final review of plans including any alcohol sales. Please note that the hiring of additional police officers for event security may be required to assist with the event.

Parking Control Officers

The services of parking control officers may be required to provide for the enforcement of parking on the periphery – in the immediate community and on adjacent streets of all events drawing 5,000 or more participants. Contact Ms. Debbie Borthne, Assistant Director of Special Events, San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic, 850 Bryant Street, Room 154, San Francisco CA  94103, at (415) 553-1620, regarding the assignment of the officers and any additional requirements of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency.

Transportation Plan

For events drawing 5,000 or more attendees, a Transportation Plan must be in place that includes alternative transportation options (bus, bicycles). Depending on the expected attendance, conditions might include:

  • Public notice of alternative transportation routes
  • Bicycle valet parking area
  • Additional Muni buses
  • Rerouting Muni buses
  • Alternative bus transportation

The Transportation Plan must be included in event publicity, encouraging the use of public transportation and provided to the Permits & Reservations office and Park Patrol with the written plan.

ADA Compliance Plan

Permittee must comply with all applicable provisions of the California and San Francisco Building Codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act and any other applicable disability access requirements. For events of 1,000 or more participants, ADA Forms must be completed online, signed and returned to the Permits & Reservations office to finalize the permit process.

Emergency Medical Services Plan

For events over 2,500 people, contact the Department of Emergency Services at (415)487-5032 or email dem_sf.events@sfgov.org for the required forms to fill out an Emergency Medical Service Plan (EMS Plan). For a direct link to the required forms and information go to the SF Department of Emergency Management. The Permits & Reservations office must receive a copy of the approved EMS Plan prior to the event.

Alcohol Permit

All alcohol in parks may only be sold and consumed in a fenced beer garden. The Police Captain of the applicable precinct and RPD Park Patrol, will have:

  • Final approval of the establishment of the beer garden area
  • Final approval of all security and security plans for the event including the hiring of additional Park Patrol officers and Police Officers to monitor the beer garden at full cost recovery
  • Final decision to cease all sales of alcoholic beverages, if it becomes necessary at any time during the event.

All proceeds from sale of alcohol will be donated to a charity.

You will need to contact the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at 33 New Montgomery, Suite 1230, San Francisco, Ca 94104, (415) 356-6500, for the required alcoholic beverage permit. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold to anyone under 21 years of age. No glass containers or cans may be used for serving the beverages. Conditions for serving alcohol will be described in the alcohol permit and must be provided to the Permits & Reservations office and Park Patrol.  For more information visit the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Fire Department Permit

Permittee must contact the San Francisco Fire Department Permit Bureau, 698-2nd Street #109, San Francisco, CA  94107, (415) 558-3303, for the appropriate fire and tenting permit(s). For more information visit SF Fire Department

Health Permit

Please contact the San Francisco Department of Health, Special Events Program, 1390 Market Street, Suite 210, San Francisco, CA  94102 to secure the appropriate health permit (s). For more information visit SF Department of Public Health.

Road Closures

Road Closures in Parks require special approval and will take a minimum of 4 months to process. Road closures on city streets require the approval of ISCOTT. For more information, visit SFMTA.


If inflatables are to be displayed at your event, a description of the inflatable must be submitted to Permits & Reservations for approval. If approved, a permit must be secured from the San Francisco Police Department Permit Bureau, at the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street, Room 458-4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Inflatable Jumpers

Prior approval from the Recreation & Park Department, a $1 Million Liability Insurance, naming as additionally insured, the City & County of San Francisco and the Recreation and Park Department, is required from the vendor. SFRPD does NOT provide electricity for public use. A quiet portable generator must be used.

Portable Toilets

Permittee will be providing portable toilets based on attendance of which certain minimum amounts must meet ADA specifications.

General requirement

  • One (1) for every 100 to 200 people.
  • One (1) ADA toilet for every 10 toilets.

Recycling and Composting Requirements

Chapter 19 of the Environment Code, San Francisco’s Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance, requires all events to maintain appropriate, color-coded  (blue for recyclables, green for compostables and black for trash), labeled containers in convenient locations, and educate vendors, volunteers, contractors, and clean-up crews, on how to properly separate materials.

Any event that will host more than 1000 people or vendors with significant amounts of food must:

  • Submit a recycling, composting and waste reduction plan. A plan can be but is not limited to a map of recycling stations at the proposed event and a written description of how the event plans to maximize recycling and composting.
  • Order and pay for adequate refuse collection service. Contact Sunset Scavenger at (415) 330-1300 or Recology Golden Gate at (888) 404-4008 to order containers and hauling services.
  • Submit a certificate of completion of a zero waste event workshop or hire an approved recycling crew. To schedule a time to attend the workshop or find out more about approved recycling crews, please contact SF Environment‘s Alexa Kielty, alexa.kielty@sfgov.org or 355-3747. 

Any event that will host fewer than 1000 people, must:

  • Order and pay for adequate refuse service or haul all recycling, composting and waste material off-site.

Use of Recyclable and Compostable Food Service Ware

San Francisco’s Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance, Chapter 16 of SF Environment Code, “Prohibits the use of polystyrene foam disposable food service ware and requires the use of recyclable or compostable food service ware.” For a list of compostable and recyclable food service ware distributors please visit www.sfenvironment.org or call 415-355-3700.

Oil and Food Leftovers

All leftovers (oil, food, etc.) must be hauled away. No leftovers are to be poured down gutters or storm drains. Steamed water and/or ice are not to be poured on the lawn or in the bushes.

Evaluation and Compliance

Events will be monitored for compliance with aforementioned recycling requirements. If permittee is found to have violated these requirements, SFRPD will consider these grounds for withholding of performance bond and increasing performance bond the following year.

Compliance with Laws

Permittee must comply with all laws

Compliance with Minimum Wage Laws

Permittee is  required to ensure that all workers in connection with  their event (either directly or through a contractor or subcontractor) who perform services within the geographic  boundaries of the City of San Francisco are paid at least  the San Francisco Minimum Wage. For more details, please go to the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement website.

Prevailing Wages for theatrical workers, broadcast services, loading and unloading, security guard services and trade show work

Pursuant to Administrative Code Chapter 21C, unless excepted, Contracts, Leases, Franchises, Permits and Agreements issued or granted by the City for the use of City property shall require payment of not less than the Prevailing Rate of Wages to any Individual engaged in theatrical or technical services related to the presentation of a Show (21C.4); Broadcast Services (21C.9); loading or unloading materials, goods, or products into or from a Commercial Vehicle on City property (21C.10); Security Guard Services (21C.11); or Exhibit, Display, or Trade Show Work at a Special Event (21C.8); . Capitalized terms in this Section that are not defined in this agreement shall have the meanings provided in Administrative Code Chapter 21C.

Permittee agrees to comply with and be fully bound by, and to require its Subcontractors to comply with and be fully bound by, the provisions of Chapter 21C, including, without limitation, the payment of any penalties for noncompliance and other remedies available to the City. The provisions of Chapter 21C are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this agreement. Permittee shall cooperate fully with the Labor Standards Enforcement Officer and any other City official or employee, or any of their respective agents, in the administration and enforcement of the requirements of Chapter 21C, including, without limitation, any investigation of noncompliance by Permittee or its Subcontractors. Permittee agrees that the City may inspect and/or audit any workplace or job site involved in or related to the performance of this agreement, including, without limitation, interviewing Permittee’s and any Subcontractor’s employees and having immediate access to employee time sheets, payroll records, and paychecks for inspection. Permittee may obtain a copy of the current Prevailing Rate of Wages from City by contacting its Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. Permittee acknowledges that the City’s Board of Supervisors may amend such Prevailing Rate of Wages and agrees that Permittee and any Subcontractors shall be bound by and shall fully comply with any such amendments by the Board of Supervisors. To view the provisions of Administrative Code Chapter 21C please go to


Insurance Requirement

Events will be required to obtain a $1 MILLION CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE naming as additionally insured, the City and County of San Francisco and the Recreation & Park Department and its agents, employees and commissioners, in single limits applying to physical injury, property damage, and personal injury. The certificate of insurance must state that the City and County of San Francisco is additionally insured.


Smoking is prohibited on any unenclosed area of property in the city and county of San Francisco that is open to the public and under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Commission or any other property used for recreational purposes (Article 191: Prohibiting smoking in City Park and Recreational Areas).


You must comply with the San Francisco Bottle and Package -Free Water Ordinance.  Among other things, it provides that for any event in or on park property involving 100 or more persons, no person may sell or distribute bottled or packaged water in a sealed box, bag, can, glass bottle, Rigid Plastic Bottle or other container intended primarily for single use and having a capacity of one liter or less if there is access to reliable on-site potable water connections adequate for the event. The foregoing restriction does not apply to the participants at an athletic event such as a walk, run, or biking or sporting event, but it does apply to the spectators.  It is possible to apply for an exemption. See Chapter 24 of the San Francisco Environment Code to ensure that you are in compliance.  More information on the ordinance is available at www.sfwater.org/eventwater.