Summer Online Field Requests

Organizations (schools, camps, leagues, clinics, after school, etc) who are seeking access to San Francisco Recreation and Park Department playing fields for the Summer (June 15-Sept 1) must complete the following online forms in order to receive access to fields.

The summer season starts starts June 15 and ends September 1.

**See Deadlines Below. Late requests will only be considered after we complete the filings that have been completed on time

*** Youth Summer Camps

Opens Jan 1, Deadline January 15 for first consideration.

See further information below regarding summer camps

***Adult and Youth Playing Leagues (non-school)
Opens March 1, Deadline March 15 (no password needed)

***Adult and Youth Programs (clinics, tournaments)
Opens March 1, Deadline March 15 (no password needed)

***San Francisco RPD Recreation Center Programs Field Request Form
Opens March 1, Deadline March 15

***Youth Ground Sports Teams (Mission Summer League Only) -Practices June 15 to August 15
Opens April 15 – password will be provided by Mission League after you register

Requests Will Be Processed in Batches:

Forms Submitted by May 1 will be processed in first week in May
Forms Submitted by June 1 will be processed in first week in June

Summer Camps- Additional Information

Fee Structure for Summer Camps: We have simplified the field rental fees in response to comments from the public. There are now two types of fees:

***Youth Camps: $27 per hour for a maximum of 25 participants. If you have 26 participants, you will need an additional area and your fees will double. Please price your camps taking this into account. If you apply for one area, there is no guarantee that additional areas at the same location will be available.
***Special Youth Camps: Youth camps serving an underserved part of the city, open to all and charging no fees – no fee

In order to be eligible for Special Youth Camp fees, you will need to complete an Approved Public Benefit Application. The application and additional information are online. The application must be submitted by no later than January 30 of each year

Deposits: In order to rent fields for summer camps, you will be required to make the following NONREFUNDABLE deposits:
***Due 5 days confirmation of space: 10% deposit ($500 minimum)
***Due 60 days before camp: Additional 15% deposit
***Due 30 days before camp: Full Payment