SFRPD Approved Public Benefit Programs – Application

The SF Recreation and Park Commission has adopted a fee structure that provides that programs, leagues, groups, tournaments,clinics or other similar activities (“Programs”) may apply to be charged a reduced fee of $27 if they meet the requirements of an Approved Public Benefit Program (“APBP”). Programs that are not approved APBP’s will be charged the For Profit Fee of $70 per hour.

If your Program has applied for fields and wants to be considered for the APBP reduced fees, you must submit an application.

Approval Conditions – The Staff will focus on two elements:

  • Not Generating Income: You must be able to demonstrate that you as the organizer is doing this a volunteer and that you (and your family members) are not making any money from organizing this program. In addition organizations must demonstrate that the programs are not generating profits that are used to fund other aspects of the organizations’ operations or to make charitable donations. Factors to be considered:
    • Who is receiving compensation in connection with the program? Are directors and officers all volunteers? Programs administered or coordinated by paid coaches or administrators will be presumed not to meet this standard.
    • Is the program operating at a relative breakeven and what is the program doing with any excess revenues?
    • Has the program in the past followed SFRPD requirements including those regarding field clean-up, recognizing rainout closures, returning unused fields in a timely manner?
  • Benefiting Residents: At least 90% of the participants in each program must be San Francisco Residents
    • If the program also uses fields outside San Francisco in a proportion at least equal to the percentage of non San Francisco residents, the program will be eligible for the not for profit rate.
    • Is the program open to all in San Francisco and does it provide scholarships for those who can not afford to pay?
    • Are participants limited to participating on one team per year?
    • Is there a nonbiased method for determining who will participate (first come, first serve, lottery)?

Application Process –  If you believe that you meet the above standards, you must complete an online application found at . Go to Online Field Requests. The application process includes:

  • Annual application and fee of $268 per year
  • Copy of rosters or user lists including name and address to verify residency.
  • Must be 501c3 or serve fewer than 125 participants
  • Must provide financials statements and details of fees and expenses
  • Board of Directors certify no officer, director, or administrator is benefiting financially directly or indirectly from this program except as disclosed in detail