Deadlines for Advanced Field Reservations

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department provides two ways to apply for

  1. Walk-Up Reservations: These reservations are available up to 2 weeks in advance of your event by going to the Pioneer Log Cabin, located inside Golden Gate Park at 2 Stow Lake Drive (415) 831-5500
    1. These reservations are limited to 4 hours per month per person and are not available for leagues
  2. Advance Reservations: These reservations are for schools, leagues, clinics, programs, tournaments and special events that need to book playing fields in advance in order to organize their activities.
    1. Advance Reservations are booked 5 times per year by season. We are able to review all requests together and communication is provided to all as to who received allocations. This is try to be as fair as possible with our limited resources and to ensure transparency.
    2. To Apply for Advance Reservations, you must complete an Online Field Request based on your season and activity.
    3. The table below lists the season start and end dates and the deadlines that apply.
Season Start Date 1-Sept 1-Dec 1-February/1-March/15*-March 1-June 1-June
Season End Date 15-Nov 1-March 1-June 30-August 30-August
School Game Schedules Due 15-April 20-August 1-November N/A N/A
Online Registration Opens for Leagues, Programs, School Practices 1-May 20-August 1-November 1-January 1-March
Online Registration Due for Leagues, Programs, School Practice Fields 15-May 8-September 15-November 15-January 15-March
Online Registration Opens for League Practice Fields (varying close dates) 15-May Adults- Oct 1, Youth- TBD 1-February N/A 15-April
Permits and Reservations Confirms Outside League/Program Field Use 15-June 15-October 15-January 15-February 15-April
Outside Team Practices Booked June 30 on October 20 on February 15 on N/A June 1 on

*Spring Start Dates Vary: School Leagues Games and Practices start last week in January
Practices for Youth Leagues start March 1, Weekend League games start March 15