Advanced Reservations

Who Needs to Apply: These reservations are for leagues, clinics, programs, tournaments and special events that need to book playing fields in advance in order to organize their activities. If you are applying for a field and it is not a onetime use in the next 2 weeks, you must submit an online application.   Examples of applications that need to be submitted include:

  • Leagues (organizations looking for regular weekly games)
  • Programs
    • Clinics
    • Field Days
    • Tournaments
    • One Time Requests more than 2 weeks in advance such as birthday parties or special events that want to use fields.
  • Summer Camps

When to Apply: Applications are submitted by season so that we can review all field requests together and best allocate fields. All requests submitted within the 2-week window below are reviewed together and then fields are either allocated or denied the response deadline. It is highly recommended that you submit your requests in accordance with our deadlines whenever possible. Any “late” requests submitted after the seasonal deadline will be processed on a first come first serve basis and will be subject to availability.

Season Dates Applications Open Deadline for First Consideration RPD Response to Applications
Fall Sept 1-Nov 30 May 1 May 15 Jun 15
Winter Dec 1-Feb 28 Sep 1 Sep 15 Oct 15
Spring March 1- May 31 Nov 1 Nov 15 Jan 15
Summer Camps June 1-Aug 31 Jan 1 Jan 15 Feb 15
Summer June 1-Aug 31 Mar 1 Mar 15 Apr 15


How to Apply: Applications vary based on what you are applying for and the season:

Type of Application Leagues (non-school) All Other Applications (clinics, tournaments etc)
Fall (Sept 1-Nov 30) Fall League App Fall Program App
Winter (Dec 1-Feb 28) Winter League App Winter Program App
Spring (March 1-May 31) Spring League App Spring Program App
Summer (June 1-Aug 31) Summer League App Summer Program App
Summer Camps n/a Summer Camp App

What Does it Cost? Cost for most organizations and nonresidents are $88 per hour. In addition, there is a $13 per hour fee per field for use of lights. Costs for individual residents is $34 per hour for a one time use. It must be for personal use and not for coach training.

Nonprofit leagues and programs serving SF residents may be eligible for Approved Public Benefit Fee Reductions.  

Advance Reservation Policies

Transfers of Permits: Advance permits are for use only as described in your online application. You may not transfer or assign the permit to any other group or organization or use it for any other purpose. Violation of this provision will result in termination of the permittee and any affiliated organizations from the right to receive future fields.

Publicizing of Events Using Our Facilities: Any individual or organization (including any affiliated organization) who publicizes, advertises or accepts registrations for a program, league, event or other activity using San Francisco Recreation and Park Department facilities without written confirmation that the facilities will be permitted for the space shall be suspended a minimum of one year from obtaining permits from this Department.

Allocation of Fields: Our fields are extremely congested. Accordingly to ensure efficient field space for all sports, the Department will continue its current policy that returning programs in good standing will receive priority and the unless there is excess capacity, the Department will only consider applications from new organizations for a sport that is not covered by an existing program.

Good Standings: Organizations or individuals who are found to be using fields without permits or misrepresenting information in any application shall be suspended a minimum of one year from obtaining permits from this Department.

School Game and Practice Fields

The Department also provides game fields and practice fields to high schools and SFUSD Middle Schools.

  • Game fields should be submitted by your school league to the Department in the form required.
  • Practice fields can be applied for online but you will need to get a password from your league to access the form. Please not the following limitations:
    • Time slots are
      • 2-3:30
      • 3:30-5
      • There are limited spots available from 5-6:30 and only for schools that dismiss at 4 pm or later
    • Each school may only have practice slots for one team (Varsity and JV to share space)
    • Schools receive two practice slots per week

Youth League Practice Fields

If you are a youth team playing in a SF based leagues, your league will contact you regarding how to apply for practice fields. Fields are allocated based on sport, age of team and season.

Stadium Applications

If you are interested in using one of our stadiums for your event, please complete a STADIUM APPLICATION. Below are a list of available stadium facilities:

  1. Kezar Stadium (including the track)
  2. Kezar Pavillion (the gym)
  3. Boxer Stadium

For rates and additional info on our stadium facilities, please visit our STADIUM RENTALS page.