Advance Reservations

These reservations are for schools, leagues, clinics, programs, tournaments and special events that need to book playing fields in advance in order to organize their activities.
Information and Deadlines for Advance Field Requests

Online Field Requests by Season

Permit and Reservations Policies

Transfers of Permits: Advanced permits are for use only as described in your online application. You may not transfer or assign the permit to any other group or organization or use it for any other purpose. Violation of this provision will result in termination of the permittee and any affiliated organizations from the right to receive future fields.

Publicizing of Events Using Our Facilities: Any individual or organization (including any affiliated organization) who publicizes, advertises or accepts registrations for a program, league, event or other activity using San Francisco Recreation and Park Department facilities without written confirmation that the facilities will be permitted for the space shall be suspended a minimum of one year from obtaining permits from this Department.

SFRPD Approved Public Benefit Program

Stadiums – This application is to be used to request events at any one of stadiums:

  1. Kezar Stadium (including the track)
  2. Kezar Pavillion (the gym)
  3. Boxer Stadium