Golden Gate Park in Bloom

Japanese Tea Garden

Golden Gate Park never stops blooming, and its gardeners never stop working. The entire park is a garden created out of sand dunes by gardeners’ hands in the 1870s, and generations of gardeners since then have planted many rare and exotic plants throughout the park. And because San Francisco has very little frost and ample winter rain, there is always something growing, flowering, going to seed, or changing color here.

Although Golden Gate Park has beautiful destination gardens, it was designed for folks to “get lost.” Wander any trail and you will find interesting features, surprising plants, magnificent tree groves, and sunny glades. And did you know that there are ten lakes in the park?

Below are just a few hints on the park’s blooming seasons.


Conservatory Valley’s legendary floral displays, installed in October, begin to bloom with annual flowers planted in intricately patterned carpet beds. Across John F. Kennedy Drive from the Conservatory, don’t miss the Tree Fern Dell and hidden Lily Pond. Look for pink-hued magnolias blooming here and there throughout the park, and some rhododendron surprises. The park is a feast of green as plants thrive in winter’s growing season.
Tree Fern Grove in Golden Gate Park


In the tree groves, the grass is emerald green. Long walks are fun in Golden Gate Park, with its gentle topography. You can still “feel” the rhythm of the graceful sand dunes underneath the planted park. The carpet beds in Conservatory Valley will be brilliant all spring until late April, possibly early May.
Japanese Tea Garden


The Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden, under the windmill at the park’s west end, is a popular destination now. Tulips are expected to be in fine glory from March 15 through April 15. Spring flowering shrubs are blooming in the park throughout the spring season. One favorite is the fragrant blue or white ceanothus (California lilac), a California native.



If you didn’t make it to the Tulip Garden in March, be sure not to miss it now. While you’re there, check the lovely perennial gardens near the Beach Chalet/Park Chalet restaurants at Ocean Beach for birds and butterflies. The Shakespeare Garden’s crabapple trees are in flower. Wander around the Rhododendron Dell to see what’s blooming and listen to the birds singing. Golden pollen from cypress trees can be seen shimmering in the dappled light and on the surface of lakes.

Blooms in the Rhodie Dell


The Rose Garden will be dazzling from mid-May through July. Bring the whole family and a picnic; a picnic area is just west of the garden. A mysterious redwood grove lies to the east. Conservatory Valley’s display flowerbeds are being changed this month, so there will be no carpet beds in bloom until late June. The nearby Fuchsia Garden will be in flower until November. Lots of trees and shrubs continue to bloom.

Conservatory Valley


The Dahlia Garden, a favorite of photographers and families, will be in radiant color until October. Enjoy the long days of summer with a picnic after work in one of the meadows.

Dahlia Garden


Conservatory Valley delights the eye with its full summer splendor. Climb the de Young Museum’s tower to look down on the park spread out below you, and the city beyond. The tower is always free.

de Young Museum's tower


Conservatory Valley’s intricately patterned flowerbeds are at their most spectacular.


This is the last month of the year to enjoy the flowerbeds in Conservatory Valley, although the floral clock and plaque on the slope may last a bit longer. Look for crinum lilies in the Tree Fern Dell across JFK Drive. The Rose Garden shows a flush of fresh blooms this month.


Fall transforms the Japanese Tea Garden’s maples to shades of orange, while sycamores throughout the park turn a translucent gold. In Conservatory Valley, the gardening crew will be removing the annual plants from the flowerbeds and preparing to plant the young starts in new designs.

Stone lantern in the Japanese Tea Garden


The Japanese Tea Garden’s magnificent gingko turn butter-yellow mid-month and cover the ground with their startling color.


Winter rains replenish the earth, and the golden grass of summer is renewed in vibrant green.

Conservatory Valley being replanted