Dog Play Areas Program

Dog carrying its ball back to the owner in a DPA

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission has designated specific park areas throughout the city as off-leash dog areas for you and your pet. Please help preserve a pleasant experience for all park users by keeping these areas neat and clean and following our new citywide dog policy. Thank you!

It’s the Law: Relevant City Ordinances

San Francisco Health Code

  • Section 40 – states that dogs must be controlled so as not to commit nuisances; all dog feces must be removed; and all dog walkers must carry materials to remove dog feces.
  • Sec. 41.12 – All dogs must be leashed or tethered except in designated exercise areas. Dog guardians must be physically present at all times. Ordinance also describes circumstances when dog barking becomes an offense.
  • Sec. 41.15 – Dog License Requirement– Every dog over 4 months old must have a current license.
  • Sec. 41.18 – Dogs over 4 months are required to have current rabies vaccinations.
  • Sec. 41.5.1 – Biting dogs– also includes definitions, information on declaring dangerous dogs, fines and penalties.
  • Sec. 42.1 – Fight training for dogs is prohibited.

Please help Maintain our Parks

  • Pick Up and Remove Dog Waste
  • Leash Your Dog(s) in On-Leash Areas
  • Do Not Leave Your Pet Unattended
  • Control Excessive Barking and Noise
  • Prevent Digging/Destructive Behavior
  • Keep Vaccinations and Licenses Current
  • Dog Walkers Welcome; Please Limit the Number of Dogs Under Your Care to Eight

Who to Contact


San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
(415) 831-2700

S.F. Police Department
(415) 553-0123  – To report vicious dogs

Animal Care & Control
(415) 554-9400 – To report injured or stray dogs

San Francisco Health Department
(415) 554-2830 – To report dog bites

Location Map