Gardening Supplies

This is a list of resources for materials related to urban agriculture available in San Francisco. Listing does not condone official sponsorship or support from the City of San Francisco. If you know of a resource that’s not on here and should be, please contact the Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator. Dig in!

Soil is critical to your garden’s health, whether you are growing in ground or in raised beds. You can get soil off CragislistBroadmoor Landscape Supply, Lynsgo or American Soil. Always inquire to the origin of the soil and the quality before you purchase it.

Testing your soil can be done through a number of groups, including University of MassachusettsMicro Analytical LaboratoriesCerco Analytical, and Soil and Plant Laboratory. Your local garden center will sell soil tests, but they are not as accurate or comprehensive as these. Information about lead in soil can be found on the DPH’s website. Local garden centers in San Francisco include Sloat Garden Center and Flowercraft.

Compost is a much needed resource for your garden. You can make it yourself (classes offered at the Garden for the Environment monthly) or buy it. It is available at your local garden centers, and at many of the same locations you would buy soil. Recology has an ongoing compost giveaway program. Bayview Greenwaste compost as well.

The new Urban Agriculture Resource Centers host monthly pickup for materials like compost, mulch and soil. See the Urban Ag Resource Center page  for updated hours of operation.

  • You can rent tools from a number of local companies, and also from the Tool Lending Library through the Oakland Public Library. Remember to always use non-pressure-treated wood if you’re making raised beds for vegetables. Building Resources usually has a great wood supply.
  • The Urban Farmer stores have the expertise, materials and classes to get going on your drip irrigation system.
  • SF PUC offers gardening tips, low water plant lists, and integrated pest management approaches to gardening.
  • You can ask local arborists to drop off materials to you, or pick up some at Bayview Greenwaste offers compost.
  • The new Urban Agriculture Resource Center at Golden Gate Park CommUNITY Garden hosts monthly pickup for materials like compost, mulch and soil.

Books and Magazines

Legal Resources


Many gardens, especially on private property, will need some basic liability insurance.  Look at these resources for more information on garden insurance.

Click here for Marin Community Garden Cooperative Extension

Click here for American Community Garden Associations Insurance Program

Fiscal Sponsorship

If your garden would like to apply for grants or accept donations, you could consider becoming your own nonprofit or becoming fiscally sponsored.  SF Parks Alliance sponsors many gardens in the city and this great resource from Community Law Center helps talk about the process.

Legal Advice

Try talking to friends who might know someone in the law profession, or check out the Sustainable Economies Law Center and their Urban Ag Law Center for lots of great information.