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Join an Existing Garden: Koshland

To request a plot in an existing community garden, please identify which garden(s) you are interested in. Scroll through the table below to get detailed waitlist information, and look at the map to get more details on the location of each garden site managed by the Recreation and Park Department. In the Community Garden Directory, you can see biannually (spring and fall) updated lists for each garden of the number of people on the waitlist and how many plots have been turned over this year. Then fill out the form below, and your information will be automatically sent to the Community Garden Coordinator who oversees that garden.

Because of huge demand for garden plots, at this time, we are only accepting wait list requests from San Francisco residents.  Each person may be assigned only one plot on City property; you cannot be allocated more than one plot at a time. However, you may be on multiple waitlists. We ask that you be judicious in signing up for multiple waitlists; some waitlists move faster than others and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to garden who wants to across the city.

The Community Garden Coordinator will contact you when a plot is available and you will be asked to sign the city waiver as well as a membership agreement. Each garden has their own self-imposed membership fee that you will be asked to contribute when you are assigned a plot.  If you have any other concerns, please note them in the form.

Community Garden Directory updated 11/2015.

  • Please select the garden wait list you would like to be added to.
  • San Francisco residents only.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY


Garden Address Total number of plots Plots turned over this year Wait List
Adam Rogers Park Community Garden Ingalls St & Oakdale St 25 n/a - communally managed n/a - communally managed
Alemany Farm at St. Mary’s Playground 700 Alemany Blvd 75 n/a - communally managed n/a - communally managed
Alioto Community Garden 20th St & Capp St 27 4 51
Arkansas Friendship Garden 22nd St & Arkansas St 16 2 37
Arlington Community Garden Arlington St & Highland Ave 21 0 36
Bernal Heights Community Garden 559 Bernal Heights Blvd 20 6 10
Brewster-Rutledge (Miller Memorial) Community Garden Brewster St & Costa St 24 Unknown Unknown
Brooks Park Community Garden 373 Ramsell St 90 12 1
Clipper Community Garden 855 Clipper Terrace 43 0 76
Connecticut Friendship Garden Connecticut St and 22nd St 30 2 40
Crags Court Garden End of Crags Ct 22 2 12
Crocker Amazon Community Garden 1413 Geneva St in transition in transition in transition
Geneva Community Garden Geneva and Delano Avenues 58 In construction 10
Golden Gate Park CommUNITY Garden Frederick St & Arguello Blvd 67 19 72
Good Prospect Community Garden 100 Cortland Ave 10 2 21
Hooker Alley (Nob Hill) Community Garden Bush St & Mason St 13 3 24
Howard & Langton Mini Park Community Garden Howard St & Langton St 40 ( 2 wheelchair plots) 1 44
Kid Power Park Community Garden 45 Hoff St 19 4 21
Koshland Park Community Garden Page & Buchanan 18 5 59
La Grande Community Garden 264 Dublin St 45 5 53
McLaren Park Community Garden Leleand Ave & Hahn St 40 15 3
Michelangelo Community Garden Greenwich St & Jones St 21 1 112
Noe & Beaver Mini Park Community Garden Noe St & Beaver St 13 1 37
Ogden Terrace Community Garden 700 Ogden Ave 38 5 4
Page & Laguna (aka Rose/Page) Community Garden Page St & Laguna St Unknown Unknown Unknown
Page Street Community Garden 438 Page St 42 6 71
Palega Community Garden 500 Felton St 16 1 1
Park Street Garden End of Park St (Bernal Cut Path) 16 1 26
Potrero Del Sol Community Garden Potrero & Cesar Chavez 82 4 14
Potrero Hill Community Garden (at McKinley Square) San Bruno Ave & 20th St 51 5 109
States Street (Corona Heights) Community Garden 100 States St 18 2 111
Treat Commons Community Garden at Parque Ninos Unidos 23rd St & Treat Ave 19 2 Unknown
Victoria Manalo Draves Community Garden Folsom St & Sherman St 20 0 18
Visitacion Valley Greenway Community Garden 159 Teddy Ave 28 3 Unknown
White Crane Springs Community Garden South of 7th Ave & Lawton St 85 7 47
Wolfe Lane Community Garden 90 Rutledge St 10 Unknown Unknown

The following community gardens do not have individual plots and are communally managed.  Please see their individual page for more information and to volunteer.

Location Map