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Alemany Farm at St. Mary’s Playground is a 3.5-acre site, located on Alemany Boulevard near Ellsworth Street, that is managed under the Recreation and Park Department’s Community Gardens Program. Recreational gardening at Alemany Farm have been recognized for successes in promoting urban agriculture through a communal effort, and also for the opportunities that revolve around gardening, including but not limited to beekeeping, natural landscapes, training and education. However the management model for allotment gardens that is successful for a group of individual gardeners cannot be strictly applied to Alemany Farm, which relies on “one time” volunteers, a diversity of programming, and the involvement of multiple entities. To support the activities at Alemany Farm and to allow existing programs to grow in a coordinated effort that allows existing and future stakeholders to fully participate, the Recreation and Park Department in collaboration with the many stakeholders prepared a management plan for Alemany Farm.

The Alemany Farm Management Plan was approved by the Rec and Park Commission in August 2012. A large component of the Management Plan is the formation of a Community Advisory Committee, or CAC, which is comprised of 8 seats or members plus one representative from the Recreation and Park Department. The CAC meets on the third Tuesday of every month, at 6:30 pm, in the St. Mary’s Recreation Center Auditorium. Meetings are open to the public.

We encourage you to get involved by participating in CAC meetings and making proposals to the CAC, applying to join the Committee when vacancies arise, and getting involved with the various activities at the farm!

There are currently four vacant positions on the Alemany Farm CAC:

  • Seat 1--Neighborhood Resident
  • Seat 2--Neighborhood Resident
  • Seat 4--Dedicated Site Volunteer
  • Seat 6--Farm Practitioner

Click here to download the application. Please send any questions or completed applications to Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. Thank you for your interest.

The CAC is responsible for advising the Recreation and Park Department on programming at Alemany Farm. This representative body is empowered to make decisions within the allowed work scope for the farm and is charged with ensuring proper site management – including coordinating with the Recreation and Park Department; developing, engaging and overseeing all site activities; ensuring that all activities are consistent with the goals and scope of this plan; securing necessary materials and resources to complete projects and run all programming; adherence to all City codes and permitting related to any projects or programming on site; and ensuring all site activities conform to this Management Plan.

While the CAC, as an advisory body, will not have the ability to directly seek funding to run programming or allow programming on site without RPD review, the CAC will be responsible for reviewing all potential program plans for consistency with this Management Plan and RPD’s existing policies.  At public meetings, the CAC will make a determination on the suitability of each proposed program and make a recommendation to the Recreation and Park Department. Proposed programming, with the exception of RPD sponsored projects, must have the approval of the CAC to be considered by RPD for the site.   After the CAC makes a positive recommendation to RPD, RPD staff will work with the project sponsor to complete the necessary approvals that are required to allow the program to operate.  Approval processes for each project will differ depending on the size and scope of the projects. The CAC is responsible for ensuring that each project they recommend has achieved proper permitting and approvals before any work commences. The CAC is responsible for ensuring that each proposed project has enough lead time to complete the necessary approval process before the suggested start date of each project/program. Additionally, the CAC is responsible for ensuring recommended programs operate within their allowed scope and within the restrictions of the site and general RPD policies.  For more information, please refer to the Alemany Farm Management Plan.


SEAT 1- Neighborhood Resident Vacant
SEAT 2- Neighborhood Resident Vacant
SEAT 3- Site Volunteer Leader Brett Stephens
SEAT 4- Site Volunteer Leader Vacant
SEAT 5- Naturalized Open Space Craig Heckman
SEAT 6- Farming Practitioner Vacant
SEAT 7- Youth Advocate Bonnie Sherk
SEAT 8- At-Large Maya Rodgers
SEAT 9- Recreation and Park Dept Will Lyons

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