Park Forestry Improvement Program

Park Forestry Program

The Recreation & Park Department’s forest, estimated to contain roughly 100,000 trees, has not received major physical attention since planting. While one of the most important elements of our urban parks are the trees, a thorough assessment or plan for their care, repair and the planting of new trees has not been identified. This program takes the first proactive steps toward repairing and restoring the park forest including new tree planting.

Our goal is to ensure the health and vitality of our trees and the communities that enjoy them! As part of our Park Forestry Program, we are using $4 million to assess and treat part of our aging canopy and revitalize our urban forest, providing all San Franciscans healthy, safe, and sustainable greenery.

For issues regarding hazardous trees or tree removal please contact Kelly Cornell (info to the right).

With the help of several local tree and forestry organizations, we are completing a comprehensive prioritization of our City's trees. Taking into account tree health and location, we are identifying safety concerns and creating solutions to address them. We have generated site-by-site plans to address hazards for our phase I project sites, and have begun the physical improvement of our urban forest! In fall 2009, the Recreation and Park Department contracted with HortScience, Inc to develop a tree risk assessment program. The resulting plan was finalized in July 2010, and was adopted by the RPD Commission. The plan identified park properties with the highest priority for assessment as well as the methodology that would be employed to rate trees. Tree risk was evaluated by considering three components: 1) failure potential; 2) size of the part of the tree that would fail; and 3) the target that would be impacted should a failure occur.

Phase 1 of 2 phases of hazardous tree abatement has been completed in Golden Gate Park. We are finalizing a Replanting Plan for Golden Gate Park that will involve planting over 550 new trees throughout the park.

Hazardous tree abatement work was completed in Mission Dolores Park and McCoppin Square as part of the playground renovation projects in those parks. We have pruned and removed hazardous trees along Park Presidio Boulevard, and in Stern Grove, Pine Lake Park, and Parkside Square. In October, we will be awarding a contract for replanting in Stern Grove, Pine Lake Park, and Parkside Square.

Assessments have been completed for the following parks and community meetings will be held in the near future to review plans for hazardous tree abatement:

  • Buena Vista Park
  • Crocker Amazon Playground
  • Gilman Playground
  • Glen Canyon Park
  • Golden Gate Heights Park
  • Holly Park
  • John McLaren Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Mountain Lake Park
  • Mount Davidson
  • Palace of Fine Arts


$4 million was allocated from the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond to the Park Forestry Program.

$4 million was allocated from the 2008 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond to the Park Forestry Program.

In addition, the Recreation and Park Department received a $100,000 grant from CalFire.


Please check back as we will post meeting information and materials as soon as additional meetings are scheduled!


April 26, 2012 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

SF County Fair Building, Rec Room
1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco in Golden Gate Park


Tuesday December 6, 2011 6:00-7:30 P.M.
Trocadero Clubhouse, Stern Grove in San Francisco