On Creating an Official Off Leash Dog Play Area Within the Park

People and Dogs at Esprit

The Public Realm Plan process illuminated community interest in an official off-leash dog play area (DPA) within Esprit Park.

For the SFRPD Dog Play Area Proposal Outline, please click here: SFRPD Dog Play Area (DPA) Proposal Outline

This document highlights the general process for all proposed DPAs.

Since with Esprit there is a capital renovation project in the works for the entire park and much planning and community input has already been received, Rec and Park’s Policy and Community Affairs Division is advising that for Step 2- Community Meetings section of the attached document, Community Meetings 1 and 2 should be already covered through the Public Realm Plan process and Community Meeting 3 may be able to be covered in conjunction with a community meeting in 2018 related to the capital project concept design.

This DPA process would be parallel to but distinct from the capital renovation project and will culminate in requiring final approval from the Rec and Park Commission for the addition of a DPA.  Community members interested in working on this effort should send email to rpdinfo@sfgov.org so that they can be logged and routed.  As needed updates on DPA policy process will be provided at Esprit Community Advisory Group meetings.