Oak Woodlands Trail Improvement Project Construction Starting Soon in Golden Gate Park

Trail under Coast Live Oaks

Rec and Park has issued NTP (Notice to Proceed) to Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction, Inc. for this coming Tuesday, June 5, which starts the clock on the construction contract, which will include work until early 2019.

Restoration and construction work will occur in stages throughout the Oak Woodlands. Individual trail segments will be closed during work. However, the overall trail network will remain mostly open and will continue to accommodate visitor use.

Contractor will post advisories like the one below to indicate closure of particular areas.  For your safety and for the safety of contractor staff, please keep off closed trails.

Oak Woodlands Trail Closure Sign Updated 5.25.18 CompressedPre Bid Conference

We are working with the contractor on project schedule and will post an update as soon as we know when on site construction will begin.