Noe Valley Town Square Property Acquisition News #1

Noe Valley Town Square Updated Location Map

On May 22, 2013 the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider approval of a San Francisco Recreation & Park Department (RPD) project to acquire a parking lot located at 3861 24th Street (between Vicksburg Street and Sanchez Street) with the intention of converting the property to public open space.  RPD proposes to purchase the property for a fair market value price of $4,242,510, with a price reduction (credit) of $342,510 to be retained by the City to perform environmental remediation, to be paid for from the Open Space Acquisition Fund.

Please email or call the Clerk of the Board at (415)554-5184 for confirmation of the hearing date.

For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Holly Pearson at the Recreation & Park Department Planning Unit at (415) 575-5603.