Noe Valley Town Square Phase 1 Set to Begin Early January

Perspective view of future Noe Valley Town Square

An environmental contractor has been selected for the first phase of the Noe Valley Town Square project. The last day for parking lot operation will be Sunday, January 3 as the contractor will begin work on Monday, January 4.

This first phase includes environmental remediation and demolition. The rest of the work will be completed by a general contractor starting this spring.

To prepare for the environmental contractor’s mobilization, 6 trees on site have been posted for removal. This tree removal is part of the transformation of the parking lot to the multi-purpose Noe Valley Town Square plaza. The new plaza will maintain 2 large existing trees in the northwest corner of the site and will include 17 new trees in the plaza as well as 2 new replacement street trees along the sidewalk. Please see the actual posting below. The project was vetted extensively through the community.  We are excited to be making progress!

Tree Removal and New Tree Planting Notice