I Left My Park in San Francisco Podcast

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I Left My Park in San Francisco Podcast

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This podcast explores the strange, the wacky, the unbelievable stories of San Francisco’s parks. It will cover a range of topics and locations throughout the Department. This is an opportunity to illuminate lesser known aspects of the Department and share oft-overlooked narratives embedded in our parks and recreation centers.

Episode List

Episode One: The Secret Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

This episode explores the story behind Byron Preiss’ The Secret, and the armchair treasure hunters flocking to San Francisco in search of an elusive ceramic casque. Guided by the theories of our historian-in-residence Christopher Pollock, we go digging for the buried secret ourselves.

Episode Two: Summer S8 SF


From the old guard of San Francisco skaters to the newest generation of shredders, this episode drops in on a couple of SF’s most beloved skate parks and programs. Hear stories of gnarly injuries, new tricks, and first impressions from those who have witnessed the transformation of skate culture in San Francisco – and those just starting on the Basic Shred.


Episode Three: Flagging in the Park


Through its humble beginnings under the shadow of the AIDS epidemic, Flagging in the Park served as an expression of joy and remembrance in a time when the virus claimed the lives of nearly half of the city’s gay community. Now entering its 21st year, the DJs, organizers, and participants keep tradition and memory alive in an explosion of kaleidoscopic color and dance in the National AIDS Memorial Grove.