New Twin Peaks Boulevard Roadway Crossings in Progress

Twin Peaks Roadway Crossing in Progress

Platforms on either side of the roadway at two trail crossings have been installed as part of the repaving of the southern portion of Twin Peaks Boulevard.  City crews will be completing crosswalk striping and signage within the next month or so.  Platforms have been temporarily taped off. Crossing locations were coordinated closely with Rec and Park to accommodate the Twin Peaks pedestrian trail system.  Rec and Park staff will be creating temporary trail corridors very soon in the locations that do not have existing trails.  Once we have a contractor on board, more permanent trail corridors will be refined.  This paving project also included the repair of a portion of the asphalt berm that was not functioning properly to keep stormwater on the roadway.  The repair of the berm came directly from concerns we heard from neighbors during our outreach process for the Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Project. We are excited to have these improvements completed.  Please stay tuned for more updates.

IMG_1517  IMG_1520Crossing with tape across